Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why is that song stuck in my head?

We've all had that song get stuck in our head from time to time. Usually there is a reason for it, like all those songs you listen to in the car with your kids that are still sounding off in your brain as you drift away to la-la land. So its easy to understand where the song comes from and why it gets stuck in your head.

Recently, however, I have had some interesting things happen for me with regard to "songs in the head". For me, I wake up and there's a song in my head and usually its a song that I have not heard in awhile. I wake up in the morning, and the song is ringing my mind so loudly that I have no choice but to sing along. It always starts with a lyric or two in the middle of the song, but not always. And I usually have to work out some things in my mind to get the song to go away.

Some recent examples are "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera, "Rocket Man" by Elton John, and "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

These songs can last for days, sometimes weeks, before I can get them to stop hijacking my brain waves. Lately, the song in my head is this one from my early college days at Northwest Missouri State (back when I was known as Angie Richardson) although this particular performance is not the one I was a part of. I just found it on YouTube so that you can hear what I have been hearing:

In the past, when these types of songs get stuck, I am usually reminded of something from my past that is tied to that song. I have learned that this is the way my intuition speaks to me sometimes and that there is a reason that I am causing myself to remember these past events. Once it helped me to find a very old school friend of mine and we have both experienced some healing in our feelings over old arguments. I have learned to trust the song that is stuck because I have learned that it is stuck for a reason.

This Godspell song was a song that I enjoyed singing even though there was no way that I would be allowed to sing that part in a real production as a college freshman. But I would practice singing it over and over with a boy I met there and whom I fell in love with and had a drawn out and ultimately destructive relationship with. So I am not really ready to walk where it is leading me and I am hoping that I can work through this without having to reach out to him. Rather I feel that the focus should remain in the feelings that I had while singing this song. Its such a beautiful sounding song. The tones and harmonies that are used really bring a lot of love to my heart.

I hope you feel that too!