Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time and Space

Okay, so I can't believe how fast time really seems to be moving. I sit down at my computer each morning and I work tirelessly until.. well what time is it now? 11:39pm. Sheesh. And somehow I managed to take the kids to dance class and dinner, home and to bed somewhere in that whirlwind.  I'm finally too tired and now my eyes are wonky. How did that happen? How can so much flow through me into this computer day after day after day?

The great news is that I love it. I really do! I can't believe how satisfying this work is. At this moment, my clients are all Planet changers. Their work helps so many people and each day I go to bed knowing that the words I helped place out into the ethernet are reaching thousands and thousands of people!

So what is the hardest part of being a "ghost writer"? Remembering who's name to put at the end of a message!

Now I'm off to dreamland where I will sleep alone for a bit since my business partner and husband is enjoying a weekend away with his friend, backpacking in Southern Missouri. I'm feeling safe and sound, the cherubs are happy and snoring and soon I will be to.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

During this Fabulous Moment of "Now"

Well, this should be lots of fun.. I'm starting a blog. I have decided that my life is pretty interesting and at some point I would like to look back and see how this all got started. Already since January my life has grown so full and beautiful that its practically bursting! Someone once told me that I would be experiencing a proverbial "avalanche" of good fortune and I agree!

So during this Fabulous Moment of "Now", I am watching Colbert Report and thinking of one of my newest clients. I am amazed that I can be so connected to someone who was actually going to be on National Television and it is really amazing! Its hardly believable that this small-town midwestern chica could make such high fallutin' connections.

So, what do I do? Well, mostly I own a video production company, I'm a Mom, and I have manifested a new career with Social Media Management. So what does that entail? It means that I manage social media sites for people.. and since these people are quite famous, I am unable to really share with you who they are, because they have many fans and followers who are really wanting to connect with them on these sites. Of course these people who I help with my services do actually log onto their sites and check messages and post here and there, but I am responsible for the day to day upkeep.

Sounds easy, right? Well it can be quite challenging AND intimidating and sometimes exhilarating all in one day and I don't even have to leave my house! Each day I speak to someone famous and then I go to the school and pick up my kids and chat with other PTA moms and no one has any clue about what I really do.

Explaining it can be quite exhausting in itself! So I started a blog and I hope to jump on here and blog about my day to day life. If anything to just let it out of my brain for a romp!