Saturday, June 5, 2010

Success Does Not Equal Guilt

I'm sitting on a very nice bed, typing here before I am to head out to see more conference speakers. I'm at Celebrate Your Life in Chicago and I'm with my very good friend, Susan, who is also a writer for LileStyle. We are here providing social media support for the event and it just so happens that many of our current clients are presenting here as well. We haven't really had a chance to meet these special people in person, just over the phone, so we are super excited to be here.

Prior to this trip to Chicago, I was in New York, meeting a bunch of people that I have been working with through Humanity's Team since 2007. I guess this year is turning out to be the "Year of Meeting People You Already Know".  Thinking back on that time in New York, I am thinking about how those people felt like family. And now, with Susan, it also feels like family. It makes it so much easier to be away from my darling little ones or from my husband. A thing that I didn't think I could do at the beginning of this year. Its interesting how you can learn so much about yourself by just stepping away from your life for a bit. It gives you this sense of perspective about what your life is all about.

While traveling to Chicago in the limo-bus from the airport, we met a fantastic lady and began chatting about what we "did". When I told her that Susan and I work from home and that we provide social media support to a lot of authors and presenters and even for the CYL conference, I began to feel a little guilty. I mean, this is a dream job! How many people do I talk to each day that say, "I so wish I could do that!" Sometimes I even forget that I also do video production for my local clients, because this dream job is so glamorous!

Its easy to forget the glamor each day, since each day I am also a Mom and Wife, Daughter and Sister, PTA Mom and Homes Association Secretary. I wear so many hats each day that its really hard to remember that I also have a very easy, fun and glamorous job too. It was only after coming to this conference and meeting the people I work for and enjoying the benefits of seeing such famous people each day, that it really became solidified for me.

After spending time listening to some of the world's most inspirational speakers talk about claiming your own magnificence I can safely look at myself in the mirror and say that I am not really feeling guilty because I have what others want... its more like I have what I never thought I could have. And as soon as I said, "whatever" to the world about that... then that's when the miracles happened. The lesson here is to not let your light hide under a bushel just because you might come across as being better at something than someone else. The TRUTH is that you are amazing, wonderful and very deserving of all that good fortune. You just have to allow it to be so.