Thursday, November 11, 2010

Manifestation Explosion - It's Just Begun

Today is the first day that I have had time to sit down for an extended period of time after being gone since last Thursday. My husband and I traveled with friends and colleagues to the Celebrate Your Life event in Phoenix. Liz Dawn, one of the co-founders, is one of our clients and this was our second time attending the events.
From Left to Right: Garth Stocking, Susan Stocking, Mike Lile, Angie Lile and Gwenda Fleming.

We had a lot planned for the live social media support we were giving and wanted to make a big impression. Lots of planning went into every detail, even the coordinating clothing options!  We arrived on Thursday afternoon to the most beautiful resort that I have been to in awhile.  We quickly dropped our gear in our room and went to get the lay of the land. My stomach was so excited for everything that was to come and it took a bit of relaxing in the hot tub that night to calm me down.

Amidst all of the strategic planning that went into running the booth, including internet connections, release forms, sample scripts for folks who didn't know what they were going to say on camera, I was also excited about seeing some folks that I had met at the conference in June in Chicago. Co-Founder, Shayne Traviss with Angie Lile

One of which is someone who I felt a very deep connection with, Shayne Traviss. We had been in on-going communication since June, and I was anxious to see him.  I was also very excited to see Sean Kapera, a very accomplished photographer that has been through a similar growth experience as myself in the way of his business.  Finally, Steffani Fort, who recently joined a great new production company in Chicago named Positive Focus, was on my mind and all in all I was really hoping to run into a lot of people this time around!

I also had several appointments set up to meet with some of my clients and that is always very exciting since they are so very well known that I always feel like I'm part of a secret club when we meet backstage. One of these awesome and talented people is Neale Donald Walsch, someone who I deeply respect and with whom I have been building a social media presence for since 2008.

My greatest intention was to do a great job, however, with the live social media support. I think that we could provide this as a service to companies all over the world, or at least consult for businesses who want to know how to do it. So we had many goals and intentions for the weekend and we were really very excited.

As we moved through the weekend, many little miracles unfolded and I began to feel very good about everything that we were creating together. We spoke to several new potential clients, we videotaped several testimonials from attendees and author's and we really did a great job of representing. I felt as though things went very smoothly and even though I was worried about directing so many people, it really did work out.

An attendee speaks to her experiences at Celebrate Your Life at the LileStyle Productions Live Social Media Video Booth.

I want to thank my husband for being such a stand-up guy and understanding about everything that was going on. He completely stepped back and let me do my thing un-hindered and I hope it wasn't too hard for him to do that.

I want to thank Garth Stocking for being so good with the people, drawing them into the booth and not being afraid to ask them to do that. He was also a perfect valet, driver, and food runner that I have ever seen. He really stood up to the task at hand and even took photos for the facebook page from time to time.

Gwenda was also extremely useful and well-loved while we were there.  She has the technical skills to fill in and help Mike, and is perfect at getting photo and video throughout the conference.   She was also instrumental in helping to get all of our release forms signed and moving the line through quickly.

Last but not least is Susan, my trusted right-hand lady and someone I respect and deeply admire. She is always extremely professional and hilariously funny and as my friend Shayne would say,  walking encyclopedia.  And while she didn't have an opportunity to exercise her greatest talent, cooking, while we were there, you can rest assured that if you came to Kansas City, you wouldn't get away without trying a sampling.

Some other very exciting things happened besides being backstage with some very famous spiritual authors and that was being in a closed room with one of the greatest ones, recording a video while he spoke into my camera. More on this later, but the miracles didn't stop there... I was also able to meet with my favorite author, Neale Donald Walsch, and get direction for my children's book, "God's Clue". This book has been in my heart for a few years now and getting advice from my most trusted advisor was such a treat. He even offered to write a forward for it, which I know is extremely rare!

So we are anxiously awaiting the redesign of this book and when we have this we'll have a big party and you are all invited!

I've also been asked to be a contributing writer for Conscious Parenting on the blog. My first article has already appeared and I look forward to continuing this relationship.

It really does feel like a Manifestation Explosion and the great thing is that we are just at the beginning of it all. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sky's the Limit? There are NO limits!

Angie Lile commands the camera at a recent video shoot.

As life continues to propel me in a forward direction (we can never go back no matter how much we may want to sometimes), I continue to be amazed at how much can happen in such a short time. I've been working diligently at creating a stable foundation for the rapid expansion of my business. I've done a number of rather "grown-up" business things such as hire a lawyer to draw up Contractor agreements and to go over my Client agreements, begin searching ways to have my clients pay online with their credit cards on monthly payments, staying on top of billing and other business essential maintenance, and continuously educate myself on new social media strategies and prepare for our upcoming trip to the Celebrate Your Life Conference.

All of this while playing an active role as a PTA parent in my children's school, another active role as the Secretary of our homes association, and continue to edit videos for my independent web series (ART-felt Learning), for LileStyle's Social Media Services and for Humanity's Team.  

I also edit a radio show once a week for Humanity's Team called Connections Radio, as well as write as a contributing blogger on (my first article will be out this month!) so how do I find time to do all of this? The energy? The endurance? and the Sanity? I have to be honest, I am quite amazed that I am doing all of this too!

I really honestly believe that it is a fire that burns from the depths of your inside when you are following your heart's true path. One could get very inspired and energized when one believes in a mission plan, when one feels how important it is to get that plan into action and the excitement of the payoff.  I've lived through many payoffs and sometimes it seems like a wave of good fortune but in all honesty it is exactly the same energy that I have just placed into my passions.

My friends are all amazed at the extraordinary turn of events which lead me to good fortune, and a lot of people think I'm just very lucky.  The truth is that it is all a form of positive intention and not just from my own prayers and those of my family who are all praying for me to succeed each and every night.  Positive intention also comes from the thoughts you think throughout the day.  They come like a torrent sometimes through your brain so much that you might find yourself completely overwhelmed by them.  The trick is to force better thoughts, more positive ideas, positive DAY DREAMS into your head! While you are driving the car, or shopping or walking, whatever it is, use that time to dream about what you would do if you had unlimited resources, unlimited funds. How would you interact with people if you had no fears or worries? How would you be with yourself if you were completely relaxed and uninvolved in daily stresses? 

When I am driving my car, I turn off the radio and have conversations with famous movie talk show hosts (Oprah) and I am telling them all about how I made it big, how I came up with the idea for my book, how I changed the world.  I even do the talking for Oprah, and I can even envision the mini-documentary that she will play about my life to further enhance the experience. I do it so often that I know deep inside my soul that one day, when I am on the Oprah show, I'll point to this blog post just for emphasis and everyone will see that it can all come true and sometimes in the least expectant way.

Prayers or thoughts, words, then action all hold the secret for a great life and even if what I say isn't true, or hoo-doo in some form, what does it really hurt to be a little more positive with yourself? What does it hurt to dream a little dream where you are living the perfect life? The life you would have if you won the lottery? What does it cost? Nothing, and you know what? You actually feel good when you do it. It's like taking a vacation and if you do it enough, you might just be surprised.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creating a business plan grounded in... feelings?

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As a business owner, I am challenged each and every day over the business side of things. My business plan fluctuates a lot and I could argue that it's because in these times of a challenged economy, it seems that the more willing a business is to change its mission, the better off they are. But that's not the case for me. The true reason is that I let my feelings guide my plan, and I allow a lot of flexibility for my constantly changing feelings.

A few years ago, a business I worked for would simply swallow hundreds of dollars, chasing the big client-fish and the promise of constantly flowing dollars, by giving away free and discounted projects. I saw it happen on a number of occasions and I also saw the effects on the artists who were creating the products that were simply given away or severely discounted. They were not feeling very proud of their work when it didn't seem very valued at all, and I think over time it really affected their overall creativity. Slowly, one by one, they left or were “let go” to serve the strangling economy. Time after time, I saw small business owners turned away at our doors because they couldn't afford the high-dollar price tag. They weren't seen as potential money pits so they shouldn't be given a deal unless there was a significant promise of a return.

This image is located at the following website:
This makes sound financial sense. Until you toss my beliefs about Oneness into the picture. I come from a perspective that the energy you pour into your business, will indeed create more of the same energy, exponentially. Therefore, if you pour all of your love and joy and happiness into your work, this love and joy and happiness will return to you exponentially in all manor of ways. Not just financially (although that does happen and helps.. a LOT), but emotionally as well. Those small business owners that were turned away by my previous employer soon became my clients and my business grew, all because I was flexible and loved the services I was providing them. They were happy with the work and relieved to have options, which also gave me great satisfaction.

Recently I sent out a message to my co-writers about a revelation I had regarding the energy of my business and how it had come to be. It was a reminder to myself and a statement to them on how I felt about the work we did. Here is the copy I sent out:

I wanted to take a moment and share a little insight with you about our work and how things came to be. I thought it was important to touch on it as the very idea had eluded me for a bit and today I was reminded of it again.

My work started out very innocently and driven from a very single purpose. I had just awoken to a message and I wanted to continue to make sure that the message was spread far and wide, of our own connection to everyone and everything. If I hadn't grasped that message and began the work of making it more mainstream, my business would not be able to employ any of you in any way.

The message is the catalyst. We are all one, from the same source, and love is our primary focus. Each day, the messages that we amplify from our clients touch and shape so many lives. How many people have cried tears at the words that just happened across the screen at a given moment? How many smiles have people shared with the world as a result of those same messages? Its really incomprehensible and we'll never know, until we die of course, just how many ripples we set in motion.

For this, I thank you and I'm sure that many of our own fellow humans would thank you too if they knew what had happened. I've always felt that message was so profound in its meaning, yet complex in its actions. Following this driving force was what lead to more and more clients and I believe that keeping our focus on the number of lives we touch, rather than the great amount of dollar signs that will follow in the wake of that, is the key to our success. I admit that it seems my personal focus was shifting to a more materialistic aspect of the business, and I suppose as a declaration to you and to the Universe, I wanted to adjust that focus back to where it was. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

I've had to say my goodbyes to clients since I've started my business. I couldn't have imagined that when I first started, but when my focus shifts to the business “way” of dealing with things instead of the soulful “way”, it became clear that the energy in the business would stagnate. New clients would stop calling and things would become a little stale.

We have a choice in what kind of energy we want to put into our business, and we have a choice for which messengers should be amplified. That is what we do, we amplify the messengers. If we cannot resonate with the message, then we cannot possibly amplify that message. So as a result, we have sent clients on their way, unable to personally take part in their message. All messages of Oneness are only as powerful as the positive intention that is placed into those messages.

I know that my choices will help strengthen the business, and I also know that this practice could be said for anyone who has their own business, or even who has to work for someone else. You must love what you do, and the universe will rearrange itself to make it possible for you to do MORE of what you love. Stop loving your work and everything just falls out of sync. If you are feeling out of sync with your job, or clients, or life in general, I recommend you stop for a minute and take an inventory of what gives you the most meaning. What are the things that you do that bring you the greatest joy, the greatest amount of personal satisfaction, the greatest amount of personal reward? Focus on that thing, DO that thing more and more. Give that thing to others and keep doing it until the universe has no choice but to start paying you for that thing.

It can work this way for you, I know it can, because it did for me. And I'm just a regular person, living a miraculous life. God Bless.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, but the Mind is Mightier than the Pen.

Sometimes, Moms have to sit down and write a blog just as a way of pinching themselves to see if they are really awake. I mean, sometimes I find myself thinking that I really can't believe my life and the things that happen “to” me. We all absorb a lot of drama dealing with even the everyday mundane things, but how many of us can take the drama and say it happens “for” them instead of “to” them?

For example, I recently took the girls to Target. We were shopping for school supplies and using one of those two-seater carts that the girls were getting way too big for. I kept mentioning this fact as we went through the store along with the usual litany of items such as keep your hands in the cart, don't stand up, sit down, stop talking so mean, please keep your hands to yourself, you don't really need to tie yourself in, etc etc. Oh, is this boring you? Seem pretty routine? Well then how about the drama of me not being able to locate my pen? Yes, I was very determined to find my pen, searching and searching for it while the kids were busying themselves looking at things on the shelves. I could picture it so vividly in my mind, the clear Bic pen with black lettering. Only it wasn't in my purse. After giving up on the pen, the real drama presented itself.

Sophie was reaching out of the cart while standing up and to place something back on a rack that she had previously lifted. As she leaned out, she missed her placement for her hand and swung around to collide with the side of the cart against her rib cage. I could tell that it hit her in such a way that it would most likely bruise, and her face grew bright red as she looked like she was about to wail. Instead, something else happened. She seized up tight and apparently couldn't get any air. She was also not responding to me asking her if she was okay. I continued to escalate my voice as I grew more and more alarmed and her face began to turn a little blue. I decided that perhaps she had choked on something so I tried to turn her around. She was completely limp in my arms and I as I began to run through my mental checklist of what to do, she began to stand on her own and breathe a little.

Well I guess that is when our Target trip really turned into an adventure. As I sat there trying not to faint out into the isle I noticed a small crowd had gathered and people were talking to me trying to see if we were all okay. Target employees came around and asked if we wanted water. I had water and offered it to Sophie who was now looking like she had downed a bunch of cold medicine. Her eyes were glazed, she had no blood in her face and she acted like she was ready to go to sleep. As she sat there swooning in her seat I decided to hit the road.

I called my doctor on the way to the van and they confirmed that a trip to the E.R. was in order. We all took turns in the car saying prayers for Sophie to feel better, for me to get us to the Hospital okay, and for everything to work out fine. Hours later we determined that she had simply knocked the breath out of her lungs which can be quite a shock to someone. They x-rayed her chest and said she would be bruised but just fine.

The woman giving the x-ray remarked on the girls being twins. “I'm a twin!” she exclaimed and suddenly I had a recollection of meeting this woman before. She had been in the hallway outside of an elevator I was on while in the same hospital some 5 ½ years prior, while visiting my twins in the N.I.C.U. I recounted that visit with her and while she didn't remember it, she did not deny that it could have happened. “We both work here and quite frequently are on that floor,” she told me. I suddenly had a strong urge to hug her and felt that everything was going to be just fine.

Mike had come down to the E.R. to help us get back to the car and back home. Sophie began coming around and was really acting a little strange so we talked about what happened so that she knew nothing was her fault and that everything was ultimately okay.

Maggie was the true teacher in the situation. She kept saying that she couldn't believe how many people came to see if Sophie was okay. She kept saying, “just think about how many people at Target love you Sophie!”

It is so very true. We are connected to each other in such deep and meaningful ways that we are not aware of it until we are faced with circumstances beyond our control. There were a lot of people standing around us, wanting to help, each hearing my concerned cries to my daughter and wanting to DO something. That desire, the one to DO something, exists inside each and every one of us even though we teach ourselves to shut it off sometimes. This desire should really be explored within each and every one of us. How much satisfaction would we all receive in our life if we were always DOING something that mattered? What if we were to tap into that innate concern we have for each other and use it when we need it most? At a time when we are tempted to judge or claim that we are owed more than someone else? In my humble opinion, I think that our natural state is the state that those people found themselves in today while feeling that concern for me and our situation. Our natural state is that of caring for our fellow human beings, not for conquering them. Our natural state is that of loving our fellow humans, not of hating them.

Oh, and one last thing, just to tie it all together in one neat little package? As I was checking Sophie into the Emergency room, I was handed a folder that contained brochures on the hospital, privacy policy and … you guessed it... a message from the Universe that my prayers are always answered, in the form of a clear Bic pen with black lettering. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your Soul and Your Backpack

As a Mom, I constantly find myself in the car driving my twin daughters around to various outings. We try to converse in the car, rather than listen to music or watch the DVD player. Of course the kids would love to watch the DVD player even if its just for a trip to the school and back if I let them, but I prefer conversation and so the TV stays off as we drive around.

This weekend, we were driving up to see my Mom for a day-long visit and the kids decided that they wanted a snack. I offered them up a granola bar and Sophie says, “I want chocolate chip” and Maggie says, “I want peanut butter!”. So I reached into the bag beside me while keeping my eyes on the road and said out loud, “Okay, a chocolate chip for Sophie,” and promptly pulled a chocolate chip granola bar out of the bag. I wasn't too surprised, even though there were other flavors of granola bars in the same bag as well as lots of other items that I had packed. I handed the granola bar to Sophie and reached in again, keeping my eyes on the road, while saying out loud, “and a peanut butter for Maggie!” As I pulled my hand out I could see it was indeed a peanut butter granola bar.

Then I said to the girls, “Wow! How did I do that?” knowing that it wasn't all that surprising. This kind of thing happens to us all of the time. Maggie said, “Magic!” and I said, “Well it could certainly seem like magic!” I explained to them that this kind of thing always happens so it doesn't seem like magic as much to me anymore, but to someone else, it may very well seem as though I had performed a really cool trick.

The truth is, anyone can use “magic” if they wanted to. Whether you are looking for a granola bar, or a parking space, we all have the power to “manifest” our wishes. Of course, many of my readers already know this, but many people do not. They don't understand how it works nor could they if they have never tried. To those people, they may be fearful of some of the things a true “magician” could do. They don't understand that we all have this inherent ability to really affect our own reality, we just have to use our backpacks, just like a certain Hispanic girl does each time she needs a hand on her explorations.

And this is exactly how I explained the whole thing to my girls, who were really quite fascinated, as it turned out:

Before we were born, and before we got ourselves into our human bodies, we were just a spirit, a soul, without a body. We were able to go anywhere we wanted to go, just by thinking about it. So driving in the car was not necessary as we could just think about Grandma's house and be there. We could fly, walk through walls, and we didn't ever need to eat granola bars, because we didn't have a tummy that would get rumbly. We could even be at our school and at home at the same exact time, although we never needed to go to school because we already knew everything there was to know about everything.

When we decided to come down into our bodies, there wasn't very much room in there to hold everything that we knew how to do. Our brains are so small that they couldn't hold all of the knowledge and wisdom that we have when we are not in our bodies. So we had to pack them into our backpacks and leave them in the coat closet, just like we do at school. And just like we have to get our lunch and supplies out of our backpacks from time to time in school, the same goes for our soul's backpack.

In school, you simply get up from your seat and go in the closet and reach in to get your stuff. But with your soul, you have to sit down, be very quiet and meditate to get into your backpack. Its really hard to do because there are lots of thoughts that run through our head and get in the way. In order to get through them all you have to try to watch them come and go and just take notes about them. You really have to sit so very still that there are no thoughts going through your mind at all, and then you'll see your backpack. And the more times you look into your backpack, the better you get at using the things inside your backpack.

Of course this was a great way to explain to my children about why we meditate, but there are lots of other benefits to meditating that some might not know about. Those are also great reasons to begin a steady meditation practice, such as the ability to remain calm in situations that might otherwise make you lose your temper, the ability to make wise decisions regarding your life and purpose, health and body improvements, and a wide variety of psychic abilities, although everyone is different. I never would have considered myself psychic even just 5 years ago, but I have been meditating for about 3 years now and I have to admit that sometimes I do just “know” things. I really enjoy using my backpack and I hope you'll try it to!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who Cares About Oil and Gas Leaking into the Gulf of Mexico?

Who cares about oil and gas leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, ruining the ecosystem and killing millions of animals? Lots of people. And I can also tell you about someone who doesn't.

Yesterday, while driving home from the grocery store, I turned a corner and found myself behind a car that had slowed to almost a complete stop, right next to a Catholic church and school. While I waited for the car to begin moving, I witnessed the driver, an elderly lady in her 60's, hold a plastic grocery bag out her window and begin to shake it until it became dislodged and floated to the ground. It was immediately caught by the wind and blown towards me.

As a spiritually minded person, I was rather surprised that my body decided to react before I could really observe the emotional state that I found myself to be in. I began tooting my horn at her. Not a long drawn out angry horn honk, but a series of short ones. I saw her look into the rear view mirror and see me so I pointed out at the plastic bag which was slowly making its way to the side of the street where the school was at.

I became even more surprised at myself as I proceeded to follow her slowly when she decided to make a break for it. She sped up, but not too much since we were in a school zone, and made an immediate right turn. I turned right also and was fully intending to stop but was even more surprised when I began following her. I knew full well that this was probably crossing a line. I mean what in the world would I do if she stopped? People in this City got shot with guns for harrassing other drivers.

The problem was that I didn't have my kids in the car, and I really wanted to tell this woman that what she was doing, in my humble opinion, was ludicrous. I mean, here we were staring at a man-made disaster of world-wide devastating proportions, and here SHE was just dumping her plastic bag out the window of her car. The very idea of it really started to steam my britches and I really felt that I could lose touch with that loving side of me if I didn't stop the car. I decided to circle back around the block and to go pick up the bag.

The lady in her car was obviously trying to get away, and this told me intuitively that she wouldn't be throwing plastic out of her car any time soon, judging by the way she hurriedly turned the corners to get away. I turned right to go back to the scene of her crime and she went left, probably going completely out of her way. I wish I could say that I resented my actions, but strangely enough, I didn't. I know deep down that I wouldn't have yelled at her, but I also knew that I certainly had it in me to tell her about the giant vortex of trash in the Pacific ocean, which is the size of Texas, and contains plastic just like the kind she threw out her window.

I took a page from Debbie Ford's book, The Shadow Effect (co-written with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson), and I embraced this little shadow of mine that popped up and took control of the car for a brief time.  I know that this is the part of me that cares so deeply for the planet, our Earth, and that this part of me has always been passionate, for as long as I can remember. I love that part of myself and I intend to use it. Maybe not to chase elderly litter-bugs around the block, but certainly to help raise more awareness. It's not just the oil companies who destroy our Mother Earth, its us too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why is that song stuck in my head?

We've all had that song get stuck in our head from time to time. Usually there is a reason for it, like all those songs you listen to in the car with your kids that are still sounding off in your brain as you drift away to la-la land. So its easy to understand where the song comes from and why it gets stuck in your head.

Recently, however, I have had some interesting things happen for me with regard to "songs in the head". For me, I wake up and there's a song in my head and usually its a song that I have not heard in awhile. I wake up in the morning, and the song is ringing my mind so loudly that I have no choice but to sing along. It always starts with a lyric or two in the middle of the song, but not always. And I usually have to work out some things in my mind to get the song to go away.

Some recent examples are "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera, "Rocket Man" by Elton John, and "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

These songs can last for days, sometimes weeks, before I can get them to stop hijacking my brain waves. Lately, the song in my head is this one from my early college days at Northwest Missouri State (back when I was known as Angie Richardson) although this particular performance is not the one I was a part of. I just found it on YouTube so that you can hear what I have been hearing:

In the past, when these types of songs get stuck, I am usually reminded of something from my past that is tied to that song. I have learned that this is the way my intuition speaks to me sometimes and that there is a reason that I am causing myself to remember these past events. Once it helped me to find a very old school friend of mine and we have both experienced some healing in our feelings over old arguments. I have learned to trust the song that is stuck because I have learned that it is stuck for a reason.

This Godspell song was a song that I enjoyed singing even though there was no way that I would be allowed to sing that part in a real production as a college freshman. But I would practice singing it over and over with a boy I met there and whom I fell in love with and had a drawn out and ultimately destructive relationship with. So I am not really ready to walk where it is leading me and I am hoping that I can work through this without having to reach out to him. Rather I feel that the focus should remain in the feelings that I had while singing this song. Its such a beautiful sounding song. The tones and harmonies that are used really bring a lot of love to my heart.

I hope you feel that too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Checking In and Grounding

Its my first day back from attending the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Chicago and I still feel rather floaty. I can really feel the creative energy flowing through my veins and my senses are on overkill. Its like a continual adrenaline rush that is invigorating and exhilerating and all of those other good "ing" words.

The most amazing part was not just meeting some of the world's most prolific and masterful authors and speakers, believe it or not. It was also being in the presence of some of the great and honorable people behind those authors and speakers. The people who take care of their schedules, help them with various tasks, book their appearances, have them on radio shows, and yes, even the fans themselves who are the driving force behind the authors' success.

The Celebrate Your Life Conference was a work of genius that flowed with a magnificent force of love and the great numbers of people that attended were all there for the same reason. To create that love in their life and in turn to change their life for the better. I am so very honored to have been a part of this process, having a great time seeing all of the magnificent changes taking place. And also to have been able to provide our loving social media support to fans who couldn't attend.  And we could have done it without even being thrust into the limelight, but the Universe had something else in store.

While we were anxiously awaiting the beginning of the closing Key Note by Deepak Chopra, the audience was greeted by Liz Dawn Donahue who made several thank you's to her staff and the authors and then much to our surprise mentioned the facebook and twitter pages and asked Susan and me to stand up! I did stand up, and then turned around and saw the perhaps 2000 people there all clapping and I look over at Susan and she is filming the entire crowd with her flip camera. I think that is when I actually started to float above my body.

Deepak then took the stage and I spent the next two hours happily floating above my body and absorbing each word the man said. He had a great presentation and I was quite impressed by it. I recommend you visit his new website,

We floated to the airport shortly after that presentation, and floated onto the plane and floated all of the way home and yes, even floated to bed. It occurred to me a little while ago that I am still floating and more work has found its way to our doorstep and the connections that we made while in Chicago are already starting to fire up possibilities.

As much as I love floating, its time to check in with my feelings and ground myself.


As for grounding, I think a meditation will work just fine.

You can visit Celebrate Your Life's Facebook Page or Follow them on Twitter.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Success Does Not Equal Guilt

I'm sitting on a very nice bed, typing here before I am to head out to see more conference speakers. I'm at Celebrate Your Life in Chicago and I'm with my very good friend, Susan, who is also a writer for LileStyle. We are here providing social media support for the event and it just so happens that many of our current clients are presenting here as well. We haven't really had a chance to meet these special people in person, just over the phone, so we are super excited to be here.

Prior to this trip to Chicago, I was in New York, meeting a bunch of people that I have been working with through Humanity's Team since 2007. I guess this year is turning out to be the "Year of Meeting People You Already Know".  Thinking back on that time in New York, I am thinking about how those people felt like family. And now, with Susan, it also feels like family. It makes it so much easier to be away from my darling little ones or from my husband. A thing that I didn't think I could do at the beginning of this year. Its interesting how you can learn so much about yourself by just stepping away from your life for a bit. It gives you this sense of perspective about what your life is all about.

While traveling to Chicago in the limo-bus from the airport, we met a fantastic lady and began chatting about what we "did". When I told her that Susan and I work from home and that we provide social media support to a lot of authors and presenters and even for the CYL conference, I began to feel a little guilty. I mean, this is a dream job! How many people do I talk to each day that say, "I so wish I could do that!" Sometimes I even forget that I also do video production for my local clients, because this dream job is so glamorous!

Its easy to forget the glamor each day, since each day I am also a Mom and Wife, Daughter and Sister, PTA Mom and Homes Association Secretary. I wear so many hats each day that its really hard to remember that I also have a very easy, fun and glamorous job too. It was only after coming to this conference and meeting the people I work for and enjoying the benefits of seeing such famous people each day, that it really became solidified for me.

After spending time listening to some of the world's most inspirational speakers talk about claiming your own magnificence I can safely look at myself in the mirror and say that I am not really feeling guilty because I have what others want... its more like I have what I never thought I could have. And as soon as I said, "whatever" to the world about that... then that's when the miracles happened. The lesson here is to not let your light hide under a bushel just because you might come across as being better at something than someone else. The TRUTH is that you are amazing, wonderful and very deserving of all that good fortune. You just have to allow it to be so.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time and Space

Okay, so I can't believe how fast time really seems to be moving. I sit down at my computer each morning and I work tirelessly until.. well what time is it now? 11:39pm. Sheesh. And somehow I managed to take the kids to dance class and dinner, home and to bed somewhere in that whirlwind.  I'm finally too tired and now my eyes are wonky. How did that happen? How can so much flow through me into this computer day after day after day?

The great news is that I love it. I really do! I can't believe how satisfying this work is. At this moment, my clients are all Planet changers. Their work helps so many people and each day I go to bed knowing that the words I helped place out into the ethernet are reaching thousands and thousands of people!

So what is the hardest part of being a "ghost writer"? Remembering who's name to put at the end of a message!

Now I'm off to dreamland where I will sleep alone for a bit since my business partner and husband is enjoying a weekend away with his friend, backpacking in Southern Missouri. I'm feeling safe and sound, the cherubs are happy and snoring and soon I will be to.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

During this Fabulous Moment of "Now"

Well, this should be lots of fun.. I'm starting a blog. I have decided that my life is pretty interesting and at some point I would like to look back and see how this all got started. Already since January my life has grown so full and beautiful that its practically bursting! Someone once told me that I would be experiencing a proverbial "avalanche" of good fortune and I agree!

So during this Fabulous Moment of "Now", I am watching Colbert Report and thinking of one of my newest clients. I am amazed that I can be so connected to someone who was actually going to be on National Television and it is really amazing! Its hardly believable that this small-town midwestern chica could make such high fallutin' connections.

So, what do I do? Well, mostly I own a video production company, I'm a Mom, and I have manifested a new career with Social Media Management. So what does that entail? It means that I manage social media sites for people.. and since these people are quite famous, I am unable to really share with you who they are, because they have many fans and followers who are really wanting to connect with them on these sites. Of course these people who I help with my services do actually log onto their sites and check messages and post here and there, but I am responsible for the day to day upkeep.

Sounds easy, right? Well it can be quite challenging AND intimidating and sometimes exhilarating all in one day and I don't even have to leave my house! Each day I speak to someone famous and then I go to the school and pick up my kids and chat with other PTA moms and no one has any clue about what I really do.

Explaining it can be quite exhausting in itself! So I started a blog and I hope to jump on here and blog about my day to day life. If anything to just let it out of my brain for a romp!