Friday, April 29, 2016

Stop telling Bernie Sanders' supporters that he isn’t going to win the nomination.

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe if enough people say it out loud, it will make it true. Maybe if you’re the first one to mention it, the rest of the world can finally say it. Maybe I’m just a sore loser who doesn’t know when to quit.

Well guess what? I’m about to give you 5 YUUUGGE reasons why it’s just WRONG to tell Bernie Sanders supporters to give up on him winning the nomination.

1.  This election isn’t about Bernie Sanders winning the nomination.

Wow. Did you see that? I may have just blown your mind, but thankfully you can go back and read it again.

This election is not about Bernie winning the nomination, it’s about creating a Political Revolution in which every aspect of our political process is infused with his vision.

Telling a Bernie supporter that he’s not going to win the election is like telling us that America would never change and that all of our pushing was only going to be ignored until we go back to sleep.

 When the truth is that it’s far too late to put this genie back in the bottle. You can’t squeeze toothpaste back into the tube.

The Political Revolution is out there, and it’s not going anywhere until we use it to change the way we run this Country and anyone who tries to tell us differently will only be labeled as part of the problem.

2.  Bernie Sanders isn’t just a political candidate, he’s the totem for a New American Dream. 

A dream that has fueled an entirely new generation of voters. He’s not just a man, he is the walking depiction of everything his supporters have ever wanted in a leader.

Telling a Bernie supporter that “it’s over” is like telling your 3-year-old little girl that she should never have any dreams for herself, ever.  Can you really be that kind of parent? Don’t all parents teach their children that they can do, be or have anything they set their mind to?

And if you are the kind of parent that doesn’t “sugar coat” it for their child and never encourages them to try hard to achieve their goals or to even have goals, do you think your child will be a better person for it?

Do you think Martin Luther King Jr’s parents ever told him not to pursue his dreams?

What about Neil Armstrong?

Barrack Obama?

When you tell a Bernie supporter to give up on their dreams for a better America, is it because you don’t want the America they are dreaming for? Or is it because you lost all hope and you can’t stand to see someone else with hope? Are you really a dream killer?

I will never give up on my dream for a better America because I know my children are looking to me to be an example for how to achieve their own goals. I want them to be able to pursue their dreams with the confidence that it’s not a wasted effort.

And guess what? There are millions of Bernie Sanders supporters out there who feel the exact same way. We won’t be giving up any time soon.

3.  Bernie Sanders’ campaign does not have an end date.  

That’s because it’s a movement by millions to pursue a common goal for a better America and there are still a lot more opportunities to build on that in the coming months.

What if I told you that this was all some public awareness campaign?  Many of Bernie’s supporters have learned that the mainstream media has been lying and manipulating the public for years.  During Bernie’s campaign, the mainstream media has been called out on numerous occasions for their blatant coverage of Hillary and Donald Trump over anything else.

The mainstream media focuses the mainstream audience on Trump this and Trump that so that they can distract you from the truth of Bernie’s message.  But even though the mainstream media has a powerful hold on the mainstream audiences, Bernie’s movement is strong and we are taking this on as a public awareness campaign.

This means we are in it for the duration, there is no end date, even after the convention, we will still be here and we will still be pushing these issues into the spotlight in any way that we can and if you are asking Bernie supporters to give up and stop sharing his Facebook posts, then you must be part of the mainstream audience and need to see his content even more.

4.  Bernie Sanders supporters obviously don’t care about mathematics.  

I’m sure there are plenty of Berners who are great at math, but when it comes to Delegate math, we just don’t care.

For one thing, if you see the top 3 reasons above, you’ll see why we don’t care. It’s not all about Delegates to us, it’s about getting his platform to as many people as possible to send a clear message to all Delegates that this issue is not just going to go away.

That being said, mainstream media is also pushing the math narrative in the hopes that it makes them look smart, which then gets regurgitated by people on Facebook who also want to feel smart or to make Hillary look like the winner that she is not.

Telling a Bernie supporter to look at the math and then give up will probably cause them to look at you as though you accused them of being a pink fluffy unicorn sliding down a rainbow.  Then, once they have recovered from your atrocious allegation, they will politely (hopefully) point you to the History books and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brokered convention and remind you that Hillary does not have (nor will she have) enough delegates to claim the nomination either.

Many Bernie supporters like myself have pledged to go to the Convention and vote for Bernie but we also know that there are going to be opportunities for each of us to speak to unpledged Delegates and even Super Delegates. So the work is not going to be done until we get to the National Convention and even beyond since many of us are also inspired to get involved in local political races.

5.  Don’t believe me, believe them!

PS- this is where I bury you in news articles that all agree that we still have a shot at this nomination: