Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What can happen in 6 years.

I've found it to be so refreshing, blogging again. After getting over 500 views on my last blog post about Hillary Clinton, I thought it would be fun to read some older posts, which actually happened in 2010, a whopping 6 years ago! Update: that blog post is now over 800 views! Thanks for sharing it!

I've learned that a lot of things can happen in 6 years!

First of all, that little trip to the Celebrate Your Life event in 2010 allowed me to meet the wonderful and beautiful Iyanla Vanzant.  That led me to do some social media work for her over the years, which has eventually led to some wonderful connections through the production of her show, Iyanla, Fix My Life.

Not only that, but it also opened up the opportunity to finally meet the woman of my dreams, Ms. Oprah herself!

Here I am with Ms. Oprah Winfrey from 2014.

Now that I go back and read about those days I would have imaginary conversations with her, I am still amazed at how it all worked out, just because I BELIEVED that it could!

Some other really great things have happened as well including the organization of successful community action over the years (we kept a Walmart from moving into our neighborhood!) and receiving the Presidential Service Award along with a letter from President Obama and being featured in the news several times. Life has been so exciting and I have been so happy enjoying it all that I haven't had time to write.

But something is telling me to keep it up this time, to keep expressing these important concepts because there is definitely a revolution happening in America.

I know that Bernie is going to be the next POTUS. I've never felt more sure of it until now and I know that many more people are catching on.

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