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Top 7 Reasons why Bernie Sanders has already won the Democratic Presidential Primary

My last blog post, Top 10 Reasons why a vote for Hillary isthe WORST thing a Feminist could do, reached almost 1000 people so far and I received a great amount of positive feedback from that, so even though it probably made you very mad after you read it, I hope this post will do the exact opposite.

Unless you are voting for Hillary. In that case, you would need to go back and read my blog post immediately.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, I firmly believe that Bernie Sanders will be our Democratic Presidential candidate and furthermore, his campaign will have a ripple effect across America which will change the way we “do” politics.

So, on with the meat of this argument, the 7 reasons why I know Bernie has won:

1.  History is on our side.  

This new political revolution is a movement which is born of a problem that affects millions of people. History shows that when a movement is created from these circumstances, change is inevitable.

The Civil Rights Movement, LGBTQ Equality Movements, Human Rights Movements, Animal Rights Movements, they all show that when people stand together with clear leadership and direction, change can be accomplished. This is the very core of Bernie’s message and the biggest reason for how I know he’ll win.

He stands with us, and we stand with him and together we make it happen.

The young people who are all coming on board and the many disenfranchised 40-something crowds are willing to keep doing the work, but it takes a solid leader to show us what’s possible. 

Mahatma Gandhi did this, Martin Luther King Jr. did this, even Matthew Shepherd did this (although he had to die to make it happen). 

People see Bernie’s years of experience and call-a-thing-a-thing mentality and want him to lead this next great revolution.

2.  The People are on our side.   

This is probably one of the most interesting democratic primary races in my lifetime. Even with all of our technological advancements, suddenly polls don’t carry the weight they used to.  

We’re seeing more and more political bias in the major news networks. Even National Public Radio, the number one non-biased reporting agency in America, has been biased towards Hillary Clinton, making it hard for the average viewer to be interested enough in Bernie Sanders to do more research. 

The problem with this race is that a majority of his supporters are younger and don’t pay much attention to major news media.

They aren’t fooled like the old folks who started out their television-watching careers with good honest media corporations and have since been sold out. 

A vast majority of Berners are young and wouldn’t take a poll over the phone unless you paid them and even then you’d be lucky to get them to sit still long enough to chat with you. They will hardly pick up the phone for Mom or Dad, let alone a pollster.

I’m not suggesting this is a bad thing, but obviously pollsters need a better method if they want better predictions. But let’s think about why they predict in the first place.

When I was studying political science in school, one of the things I did to support myself was to do phone surveys. I am aware that certain phone surveys can open the door to skewing a participant to think about things they hadn’t thought of before.

This is especially true with political polling.  The more polls they take, the more chance they have to skew people to one side over the other, especially if they are sitting on the fence. 

Since the younger generation is listening to their peers, and their relying on what they see actually going on in the world, they turn to less main-stream media for information and not taking polls, there is less chance for establishment political candidates to scam the system.

This is why you see many of the news media not prepared to show you the YUGE amounts of people turning out at all of Bernie’s events and the smaller and smaller audiences that are attending Hillary’s.

This is also why you might have been surprised that Bernie got a standing ovation after the last Democratic debate, while Hillary stood looking on nervously.

The historical vote in Michigan was significant because it finally showed the establishment that they were no longer in control and could no longer predict Hillary to be the obvious winner of anything.

It’s also another reason why I’m sure we’re much more ahead in this race than we’ve been led to believe.

3.  Fundraising is on our side.

Along with the hordes of people jumping on the Bernie-train is their $27 donation. No other candidate in history has raised as much money from as many individual donations as Bernie has. 

We saw something like this with Obama, but Bernie has blown past Obama’s record in lightning speed and there’s still a lot of time left in this race.  Not only has Bernie broken historic records, he’s also broken Hillary’s record, raising $42.7 million, while the one-percenters and finance industry donors behind the Clinton campaign coughed up $30 million. 

Bernie has taken over 5 million individual donations, with Hillary Clinton’s campaign only taking “hundreds of thousands” of individual donations, most of which were the maximum amount that they were allowed to donate. This means they are pretty much tapped out and while Bernie has lots of new donors lining up to give him money, Hillary’s donor list is getting exhausted.

4. Social Media is on our side. 

 Okay, since I’ve managed social media for clients since 2007, I know a thing or two about the importance of your social media presence and I would be remiss if I didn’t include this as one of the big reasons why I know he’s going to win. 

According to this article in AdWeek, Bernie Sanders overall “chatter” level was steadily increasing while Hillary’s was barely registering. Given the surprise at the polls, perhaps the pollsters should be using this data to determine who will win?

It also mentions the fact that many Gen-X and Baby Boomers are using Facebook, while the younger generation is using Instagram and Sanders seems to dominate both platforms.

Look at these screenshots which show how many fans each Facebook Page has:

Not only that, but look at the YUGE difference in how many events are showing as well as the total number of people subscribing to events.

I thought it was weird that Bernie had so many more rally’s scheduled than Hillary so I went to her website and the only events really registering were small gatherings inside people’s homes.

All of these social signs indicate that people are excited and enthusiastic about sharing Bernie Sanders, but not so much about Hillary and since voter turnout has reflected this social chatter, I think it’s a great argument.

5.  Bernie’s record is on our side. 

With every debate that comes up, Hillary seems to be more and more excited about bringing up Bernie’s record as though it would actually benefit her position.

However, as it turns out, lots of people are calling her out on her half-truths and overall blatantly misleading comments regarding his record.

You know she’s in trouble when the mainstream media can no longer spin things in her favor. Now all anyone can talk about is how she is misleading people with her version of the facts.

During the Democratic Debate on Univision, Hillary tried to say that Bernie Sanders voted against helping the auto industry and if he had gotten his way, we would have lost thousands of jobs.

Excuse me?

Anyone who has access to a computer can find out the truth for themselves. He voted against the Wall street bailout which had a provision in it for the auto industry, but later voted for the auto bailout when it was a stand-alone vote.

All of this leads right into my next point because Bernie’s record is the very definition of Integrity.

6.  Integrity is on our side.

During the Democratic Debate‬ on Univision, I could not believe that Hillary Clinton had the gall to say, “if the values are that you oppress people, you disappear people, imprison people or even kill people for expressing their opinions, for expressing freedom of speech, that is not the kind of revolution of values that I ever want to see anywhere.”

If ever there was a perfect example of projection, this is it. She is accusing Bernie Sanders of the very thing she has done herself.

"Hillary Clinton for years has been one of the world’s most stalwart friends of some of the world’s worst despots and war criminals, making her and her campaign a very odd vessel for demonizing others for their links to and admiration of human-rights abusers."

 Don't believe me? This article's sources speaks for itself.

During the same debate, she defended her support for bad trade deals by touting the creation of the Export-Import bank. She must be counting on the idea that we don't know just how disastrous THAT deal was.

 Many are speculating that she only attacked him this way on the debate stage because she was “running scared” or “nervous” and rightfully so.

It’s gotten so bad that her campaign is continuously getting caught breaking election laws and cheating the DNC debate rules.

7. Time is on our side.

Thankfully, Bernie Sanders is in this race for the long haul, even though he clearly knows that the establishment and mainstream media was stacked against him.  I immediately noticed a small rift in my newsfeed between Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters and I knew the reason they supported Hillary is because of the distorted truths fed to them by our own Democratic party. 

However, over time, I’ve heard from many who have had the chance to actually learn about what Bernie’s campaign is all about, they’re switching sides!

Now that we have momentum there will be no stopping this wildfire of enthusiasm for a better democracy and don’t forget, we have fuel; thanks to the millions of campaign dollars, we now have what it takes to actually make the long haul all the way to the convention and the longer Bernie has the podium, the more likely he has to tell more people the truth.

Hillary, on the other hand, has a dwindling funding pool and combine that with her own mis-truths and poor record, it’s just not holding up under the scrutiny of an ever growing pool of informed voters.

Add to this mix all of the disastrous ways that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is making headlines these days, it’s clear they have a lot more fires to put out than Bernie’s campaign.

I know that given enough time, more and more people are going to see Hillary’s campaign for what it really is, which is more oligarchy and less democracy and it just won’t stand this test of time.

The race has already been won, but even that won’t stop Bernie from stopping in every state to rally the people, to get out the vote and to continue building the momentum because this is a movement, a true political revolution, and it’s here to stay. 

Bernie knows he can’t do it alone; he stands with us and we will stand with him until the whole job is done, not just for this primary. No other political race has brought about the changes we’re already seeing.

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