Thursday, November 11, 2010

Manifestation Explosion - It's Just Begun

Today is the first day that I have had time to sit down for an extended period of time after being gone since last Thursday. My husband and I traveled with friends and colleagues to the Celebrate Your Life event in Phoenix. Liz Dawn, one of the co-founders, is one of our clients and this was our second time attending the events.
From Left to Right: Garth Stocking, Susan Stocking, Mike Lile, Angie Lile and Gwenda Fleming.

We had a lot planned for the live social media support we were giving and wanted to make a big impression. Lots of planning went into every detail, even the coordinating clothing options!  We arrived on Thursday afternoon to the most beautiful resort that I have been to in awhile.  We quickly dropped our gear in our room and went to get the lay of the land. My stomach was so excited for everything that was to come and it took a bit of relaxing in the hot tub that night to calm me down.

Amidst all of the strategic planning that went into running the booth, including internet connections, release forms, sample scripts for folks who didn't know what they were going to say on camera, I was also excited about seeing some folks that I had met at the conference in June in Chicago. Co-Founder, Shayne Traviss with Angie Lile

One of which is someone who I felt a very deep connection with, Shayne Traviss. We had been in on-going communication since June, and I was anxious to see him.  I was also very excited to see Sean Kapera, a very accomplished photographer that has been through a similar growth experience as myself in the way of his business.  Finally, Steffani Fort, who recently joined a great new production company in Chicago named Positive Focus, was on my mind and all in all I was really hoping to run into a lot of people this time around!

I also had several appointments set up to meet with some of my clients and that is always very exciting since they are so very well known that I always feel like I'm part of a secret club when we meet backstage. One of these awesome and talented people is Neale Donald Walsch, someone who I deeply respect and with whom I have been building a social media presence for since 2008.

My greatest intention was to do a great job, however, with the live social media support. I think that we could provide this as a service to companies all over the world, or at least consult for businesses who want to know how to do it. So we had many goals and intentions for the weekend and we were really very excited.

As we moved through the weekend, many little miracles unfolded and I began to feel very good about everything that we were creating together. We spoke to several new potential clients, we videotaped several testimonials from attendees and author's and we really did a great job of representing. I felt as though things went very smoothly and even though I was worried about directing so many people, it really did work out.

An attendee speaks to her experiences at Celebrate Your Life at the LileStyle Productions Live Social Media Video Booth.

I want to thank my husband for being such a stand-up guy and understanding about everything that was going on. He completely stepped back and let me do my thing un-hindered and I hope it wasn't too hard for him to do that.

I want to thank Garth Stocking for being so good with the people, drawing them into the booth and not being afraid to ask them to do that. He was also a perfect valet, driver, and food runner that I have ever seen. He really stood up to the task at hand and even took photos for the facebook page from time to time.

Gwenda was also extremely useful and well-loved while we were there.  She has the technical skills to fill in and help Mike, and is perfect at getting photo and video throughout the conference.   She was also instrumental in helping to get all of our release forms signed and moving the line through quickly.

Last but not least is Susan, my trusted right-hand lady and someone I respect and deeply admire. She is always extremely professional and hilariously funny and as my friend Shayne would say,  walking encyclopedia.  And while she didn't have an opportunity to exercise her greatest talent, cooking, while we were there, you can rest assured that if you came to Kansas City, you wouldn't get away without trying a sampling.

Some other very exciting things happened besides being backstage with some very famous spiritual authors and that was being in a closed room with one of the greatest ones, recording a video while he spoke into my camera. More on this later, but the miracles didn't stop there... I was also able to meet with my favorite author, Neale Donald Walsch, and get direction for my children's book, "God's Clue". This book has been in my heart for a few years now and getting advice from my most trusted advisor was such a treat. He even offered to write a forward for it, which I know is extremely rare!

So we are anxiously awaiting the redesign of this book and when we have this we'll have a big party and you are all invited!

I've also been asked to be a contributing writer for Conscious Parenting on the blog. My first article has already appeared and I look forward to continuing this relationship.

It really does feel like a Manifestation Explosion and the great thing is that we are just at the beginning of it all. I can't wait to see what comes next!