Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sky's the Limit? There are NO limits!

Angie Lile commands the camera at a recent video shoot.

As life continues to propel me in a forward direction (we can never go back no matter how much we may want to sometimes), I continue to be amazed at how much can happen in such a short time. I've been working diligently at creating a stable foundation for the rapid expansion of my business. I've done a number of rather "grown-up" business things such as hire a lawyer to draw up Contractor agreements and to go over my Client agreements, begin searching ways to have my clients pay online with their credit cards on monthly payments, staying on top of billing and other business essential maintenance, and continuously educate myself on new social media strategies and prepare for our upcoming trip to the Celebrate Your Life Conference.

All of this while playing an active role as a PTA parent in my children's school, another active role as the Secretary of our homes association, and continue to edit videos for my independent web series (ART-felt Learning), for LileStyle's Social Media Services and for Humanity's Team.  

I also edit a radio show once a week for Humanity's Team called Connections Radio, as well as write as a contributing blogger on Vividlife.me (my first article will be out this month!) so how do I find time to do all of this? The energy? The endurance? and the Sanity? I have to be honest, I am quite amazed that I am doing all of this too!

I really honestly believe that it is a fire that burns from the depths of your inside when you are following your heart's true path. One could get very inspired and energized when one believes in a mission plan, when one feels how important it is to get that plan into action and the excitement of the payoff.  I've lived through many payoffs and sometimes it seems like a wave of good fortune but in all honesty it is exactly the same energy that I have just placed into my passions.

My friends are all amazed at the extraordinary turn of events which lead me to good fortune, and a lot of people think I'm just very lucky.  The truth is that it is all a form of positive intention and not just from my own prayers and those of my family who are all praying for me to succeed each and every night.  Positive intention also comes from the thoughts you think throughout the day.  They come like a torrent sometimes through your brain so much that you might find yourself completely overwhelmed by them.  The trick is to force better thoughts, more positive ideas, positive DAY DREAMS into your head! While you are driving the car, or shopping or walking, whatever it is, use that time to dream about what you would do if you had unlimited resources, unlimited funds. How would you interact with people if you had no fears or worries? How would you be with yourself if you were completely relaxed and uninvolved in daily stresses? 

When I am driving my car, I turn off the radio and have conversations with famous movie talk show hosts (Oprah) and I am telling them all about how I made it big, how I came up with the idea for my book, how I changed the world.  I even do the talking for Oprah, and I can even envision the mini-documentary that she will play about my life to further enhance the experience. I do it so often that I know deep inside my soul that one day, when I am on the Oprah show, I'll point to this blog post just for emphasis and everyone will see that it can all come true and sometimes in the least expectant way.

Prayers or thoughts, words, then action all hold the secret for a great life and even if what I say isn't true, or hoo-doo in some form, what does it really hurt to be a little more positive with yourself? What does it hurt to dream a little dream where you are living the perfect life? The life you would have if you won the lottery? What does it cost? Nothing, and you know what? You actually feel good when you do it. It's like taking a vacation and if you do it enough, you might just be surprised.

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  1. Great stuff! Keep dreaming big!