Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creating a business plan grounded in... feelings?

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As a business owner, I am challenged each and every day over the business side of things. My business plan fluctuates a lot and I could argue that it's because in these times of a challenged economy, it seems that the more willing a business is to change its mission, the better off they are. But that's not the case for me. The true reason is that I let my feelings guide my plan, and I allow a lot of flexibility for my constantly changing feelings.

A few years ago, a business I worked for would simply swallow hundreds of dollars, chasing the big client-fish and the promise of constantly flowing dollars, by giving away free and discounted projects. I saw it happen on a number of occasions and I also saw the effects on the artists who were creating the products that were simply given away or severely discounted. They were not feeling very proud of their work when it didn't seem very valued at all, and I think over time it really affected their overall creativity. Slowly, one by one, they left or were “let go” to serve the strangling economy. Time after time, I saw small business owners turned away at our doors because they couldn't afford the high-dollar price tag. They weren't seen as potential money pits so they shouldn't be given a deal unless there was a significant promise of a return.

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This makes sound financial sense. Until you toss my beliefs about Oneness into the picture. I come from a perspective that the energy you pour into your business, will indeed create more of the same energy, exponentially. Therefore, if you pour all of your love and joy and happiness into your work, this love and joy and happiness will return to you exponentially in all manor of ways. Not just financially (although that does happen and helps.. a LOT), but emotionally as well. Those small business owners that were turned away by my previous employer soon became my clients and my business grew, all because I was flexible and loved the services I was providing them. They were happy with the work and relieved to have options, which also gave me great satisfaction.

Recently I sent out a message to my co-writers about a revelation I had regarding the energy of my business and how it had come to be. It was a reminder to myself and a statement to them on how I felt about the work we did. Here is the copy I sent out:

I wanted to take a moment and share a little insight with you about our work and how things came to be. I thought it was important to touch on it as the very idea had eluded me for a bit and today I was reminded of it again.

My work started out very innocently and driven from a very single purpose. I had just awoken to a message and I wanted to continue to make sure that the message was spread far and wide, of our own connection to everyone and everything. If I hadn't grasped that message and began the work of making it more mainstream, my business would not be able to employ any of you in any way.

The message is the catalyst. We are all one, from the same source, and love is our primary focus. Each day, the messages that we amplify from our clients touch and shape so many lives. How many people have cried tears at the words that just happened across the screen at a given moment? How many smiles have people shared with the world as a result of those same messages? Its really incomprehensible and we'll never know, until we die of course, just how many ripples we set in motion.

For this, I thank you and I'm sure that many of our own fellow humans would thank you too if they knew what had happened. I've always felt that message was so profound in its meaning, yet complex in its actions. Following this driving force was what lead to more and more clients and I believe that keeping our focus on the number of lives we touch, rather than the great amount of dollar signs that will follow in the wake of that, is the key to our success. I admit that it seems my personal focus was shifting to a more materialistic aspect of the business, and I suppose as a declaration to you and to the Universe, I wanted to adjust that focus back to where it was. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

I've had to say my goodbyes to clients since I've started my business. I couldn't have imagined that when I first started, but when my focus shifts to the business “way” of dealing with things instead of the soulful “way”, it became clear that the energy in the business would stagnate. New clients would stop calling and things would become a little stale.

We have a choice in what kind of energy we want to put into our business, and we have a choice for which messengers should be amplified. That is what we do, we amplify the messengers. If we cannot resonate with the message, then we cannot possibly amplify that message. So as a result, we have sent clients on their way, unable to personally take part in their message. All messages of Oneness are only as powerful as the positive intention that is placed into those messages.

I know that my choices will help strengthen the business, and I also know that this practice could be said for anyone who has their own business, or even who has to work for someone else. You must love what you do, and the universe will rearrange itself to make it possible for you to do MORE of what you love. Stop loving your work and everything just falls out of sync. If you are feeling out of sync with your job, or clients, or life in general, I recommend you stop for a minute and take an inventory of what gives you the most meaning. What are the things that you do that bring you the greatest joy, the greatest amount of personal satisfaction, the greatest amount of personal reward? Focus on that thing, DO that thing more and more. Give that thing to others and keep doing it until the universe has no choice but to start paying you for that thing.

It can work this way for you, I know it can, because it did for me. And I'm just a regular person, living a miraculous life. God Bless.

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