Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Through the Eyes of a Bernie Sanders Missouri State Delegate- Big Changes Coming to the Missouri Democratic Party

Many of my close friends and family are genuinely confused, confounded and sometimes angry with me for continuing to support Bernie Sanders' Presidential campaign, even though many believe what the media is saying about Hillary's "winning" the nomination.

It seems no matter how hard I try to explain to them that it's not just about his Presidential campaign, but about the policies he's trying to bring into the Democratic Party itself, and that is why I am so passionate about his campaign, they don't really understand what I feel to be true; which is that the Democratic party has been sliding ever farther to the conservative side, too afraid to make the big leaps that brought us to the Moon and back, despite our being successful in such a grand endeavor.

I, like many other passionate Sanders supporters, raced to the polls to cast my vote for him in Missouri.

Over the weeks that followed, I had one disappointment after the other, starting with him "losing" Missouri and many other Southern States. Many Americans assume that a candidate has lost their nomination when they hear the news say that a candidate has lost a State election. Sounds reasonable, right?

But in a Presidential Primary, a loss doesn't mean that you are out, it just means you don't get as many delegates in that state as the other candidate. Here in Missouri, Hillary won the vote, but she only won it by a very small margin, giving her one delegate more than Bernie to go to the National Convention.

The media does a pretty terrible job of explaining to the rest of America who is so disconnected from how Politics work, that the only thing that ends a Presidential campaign is when the candidate has reached the 2,383 delegate threshold  OR the other candidate concedes.

The Democratic National Convention then becomes a big party where we all declare the winner of the nomination as well as set the party platform for the coming 4 years.

Of course, the media (again) does an extremely shitty job of explaining to people what that means, "setting the party platform" but this means that the votes that are made at the convention will basically set the "talking points" and guide all State Democratic Parties and the Democrats in the Congress and the Senate when creating policy for the 4 years moving forward.

Should one of these Elected Officials propose a policy, bill or law that is outside of the party platform, it is likely to get voted down by the Democrats and a similar platform exists for the Republican party.

Why Delegates Matter in this Election-

So what happens when there are two Democratic Presidential candidates who have an almost equal number of delegates heading into the Democratic National Convention and no one has conceded the race?

The Democratic National Convention becomes a "contested convention" which means every delegate and every superdelegate must come together, discuss and vote for their preferred candidate.

Many of the superdelegates "pledged" to vote for Hillary long before Bernie Sanders had entered the race. Over time, as the popularity for his platform grew, they began to switch their pledged support. The same thing happened in 2008 for Barrack Obama.

Even though many superdelegates remain pledged to Hillary, the question remains, what is a pledge really? In this case, it's a light promise that they may or may not have to keep. It's not binding in any way. It's not a contractual obligation and there would be no repercussions (at least not publicly) for someone who has switched.

So, on July 25th, when the convention will start, many of these Democratic National Delegates from all of the States will converge on Philadelphia for the first contested convention since 1952.  Out of the 4,765 National Delegates, 35 Missouri delegates will be voting for Bernie and 36 will be voting for Hillary.

Of course, everyone has to show up and actually be on the floor for the vote, and as I found out at the Missouri State Convention, that's a lot easier said than done.

In addition to the delegates, Missouri will send 4 Democrats to the convention as committeemen/women to serve on the Democratic National Committee. This committee cannot vote at the convention, but they do set the agenda and have a strong part to play in the National Democratic Party Platform.

Becoming a Delegate-

When the opportunity arose for me to go to a "Mass Meeting" for Missouri State Delegate elections, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  An invitation to be a delegate? I've never received that before, never from the Democratic Party or for any of the Presidents that I had voted for in the past.

I went to the meeting and sat at a table that had a Bernie sign on it with 5 other people, 5 women and 2 men, but since 1 woman and 1 man hadn't been able to vote in our Primary Election, they were unable to vote at this Mass Meeting.

The other table had about 3-4 women sitting at it (for HRC) and then the person who was chairing the meeting and her brother sat down at the HRC table once the meeting started and after she had explained the rules for proceeding.

We were advised to vote for 2 women, 2 alternate women, and 1 man to go to Philadelphia and be a National Delegate. We were also told that if selected, we would also be a State delegate to go to the Convention in Sedalia, but the rules were a little convoluted because somewhere in there we had a Caucus to go to for our Congressional District.

It wasn't very clear that if you campaigned to be a National Delegate at your Congressional District Caucus, and didn't make it, that you still had to go to the State Convention in Sedalia to participate in that.

Since our only male Bernie supporter told us that he couldn't possibly commit to going to Philadelphia, he decided not to try to do that, but what we didn't know was that he could still have been our State Delegate.  And, since no one really clarified the rules to us, and our Mass Meeting was ran by an HRC supporter who wasn't very interested in walking us through it, we had one empty seat where he could have been.

This is a very flawed delegate selection system and not intended to support a double candidacy.

At our Congressional District Caucus, I campaigned to be selected as a National Delegate and was not chosen, however I was encouraged to run as an At-Large Delegate when I went to the State Convention in Sedalia. So, I did that.

Resolutions for Bernie-

During the course of preparing for Sedalia, I was invited to a Facebook Group for Missouri State Delegates for Bernie Sanders.  It was fun meeting other people on Facebook that were in my State and also a Delegate for Bernie. As the weeks went by, a small cohesive group emerged of people wanting to write an submit resolutions at our convention.

A resolution was simply a mission statement which is designed to be incorporated into the State's Democratic Party Platform, and then possibly adopted at the National Convention as part of the National Democratic Party Platform.

Together we submitted 89 resolutions covering all aspects of Bernie's campaign platform including a $15 minimum wage, abolishing Super Delegates, reducing carbon omissions, reducing student debt, single payer health care, open primaries and Instant Run-Off voting.

These 89 resolutions were submitted to a committee of people that consisted of 4 Bernie Sanders supporters and 4 HRC supporters. The committee was appointed by the Missouri Democratic party chair, Roy Temple, who had made efforts to reach out to some of the leaders in our Bernie group for an amicable convention. No one wanted to see a repeat of Nevada playing out in Sedalia.

Despite having 89 resolutions (and none from HRC delegates), we only got 5 of them to be approved by the committee. We still considered that a win. Read the resolutions here.

Democratic National Committeemen/Women-

As I mentioned, there are 4, very highly coveted positions which were voted on in Sedalia, and those were for the Committeeman or Committeewoman positions. The Missouri Democratic Party had to send 2 of each and these had to be elected at the State Democratic Convention.

Anyone could campaign for this position, and we had 5 very dedicated Bernie Sanders supporters apply to do just that, but we had to get them approved by a Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee is made up of 4 Sanders supporters and 4 HRC supporters and all of them are appointed by Roy Temple, the party Chair.

Everything seemed to be pretty open until the Nominating committee's report came out and all 4 of the Nominees for the Democratic National Committee were HRC supporters. Not one Bernie supporter among them.

Not only that, but at least 2 of them were long time committee members and had sent out actual mailings to every single Delegate.  It takes some swagger to have access to that email list so of course many of us in the Facebook Group began strategizing right away about how we could make this more fair before heading into the Convention.

My suggestion to Nominate our own people from the floor of the convention had already come to the minds of the people who were running and it was clear right away that we would all work together to make this happen.

One of the problems that occurred in Nevada was that the rules for Nominating from the floor were changed without a proper vote, effectively eliminating the ability of the Berniecrats to nominate their own people to these positions.

A meeting was called of all of our Berniecrats, as many as we could reach, to figure out a plan for the day. We all gathered together in the early morning hours before the convention to talk about the problem (all 4 DNC candidates were HRC supporters) and how we were going to move forward.

One person was going to be responsible for presenting the motion to Nominate from the floor. This person stood up and nominated all 4 of our Berniecrat candidates and we were successful in having them added to the ballot.

At this point, it would come down to a vote between all of the HRC State Delegates and all of the Bernie Delegates.  Now, I know what you are thinking because earlier I mentioned that HRC had 36 delegates and Bernie had 35, but those are NATIONAL Delegates, not State Delegates.

State Delegate totals (based on the Primary results and how they break out by district) were 681 Delegates for Bernie Sanders and 644 for HRC.  We had the potential to vote our nominated Berniecrat candidates to the DNC if we could make sure our Delegates were going to show up.

Thankfully many of us had been calling all of the delegates to make sure they were going to come and to let them know just how important their presence would be at the State Convention. We were able to get 453 of our 681 delegates to the convention, while HRC ended up with 321 of her 644 Delegates.

Needless to say, there were over 100 more Bernie delegates at the state convention and as a result of our solidarity before the meeting, were able to vote all four of them into the DNC, unseating some very long-time members and creating a big win for Bernie Sanders in Missouri which will help him push his platform in Philadelphia.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor candidate Winston Apple, Missouri District 107 State Representative candidate Curtis Wylde, St. Louis Ward 15 Alderwoman Megan-Ellyia Green, and Mid-Missourians for Bernie Sanders founder Persephone Dakopolos beat out Missouri State Senator Shalonn “Kiki” Curls, and Missouri Democratic superdelegates Doug Brooks, Matt Robinson, and Sandy Querry.

The roar of the crowd in this video says it all as they made the announcement and many of us who worked hard on both the resolutions and the DNC appointments felt extremely satisfied with the results of our efforts.

The difference between the HRC and Bernie Delegates-

Throughout the day, and it was a long day, it became evident that the HRC side of the room was thinning out. Many of the people that had come were leaving before the day was over. By the time it came to vote for the DNC committeemen/women and to do the acclimation vote for the adoption of the resolutions, there was no doubt which side would be the victors.

Whether they felt there was no use once they saw the 100 delegate difference or they had other things to do later that day, the HRC supporters were not bringing it to the table, so-to-speak, and many came to tell us later that they admired the vigorous energy that we brought to the convention.

There is a palpable difference between incremental change and revolutionary change and I can tell you that Bernie Sanders' supporters are not going to wait it out. We are coming and will be the change we are looking for in the Democratic Party.

That is why, even though I wasn't elected to be a National Delegate, I will do whatever I can to make sure that our elected Delegates can make it to Philadelphia. #SeeYouInPhilly #NotMeUs

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Downfall of the Democratic Party.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to travel with a lovely group of people to Greece, the birth place of Democracy. The Non-Profit organization that I volunteer with, Humanity's Team is supported by these amazing individuals from all over the World and it gave me a great deal of insight into cultures in other countries.

I spent a lot of time talking with a friend of mine who lives in Athens and who was very involved with the political and socio-economical issues that were happening there. Over the several days we were together, he opened my eyes to what had been going on in Greece and how the continued influence of corporations over government allowed higher levels of austerity to be imposed on the people there. He explained how this had driven his entire country, many of his friends and family, into the very depths of poverty that Americans snub their noses at.

He showed me how major news media continued to paint Greece as greedy and not willing to pay their share when all the banks wanted to call their debt at one time and the Greek government, ripe with dirty politicians took it out on the people who were trying to organize a new political party.

How can something like this happen in the very birth place of Democracy itself? Quite simply, the people fell asleep. They didn't go to meetings, or run for political office or felt the need to exercise their democracy. This allowed politicians to slowly change their laws to allow certain actions and debts to be accumulated. Slowly, but surely, the people's democratic power was being stripped and they didn't even know about it.

If the people have no power, how can they hope to ever get out from under the thumb of all that debt?

The day after I flew home, the Athens government threw tear gas into crowds of people who had gathered in civil disobedience and solidarity for their cause. Old people, people with small children in their strollers, it didn't matter to the Athens police.

The only answer seems to be that they will have to break the political and economic system completely, break away from the Euro and result to bartering with each other to survive. They are very nearly to that stage now.

Even Bernie Sanders had something to say about this because he sees that America could very easily become like this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWmg3lNOyqM

And yet, many people who are so poor now in Greece would still open their homes and hearts to help the refugees from Syria. This shows us that they are good people on the wrong side of policy.

That was just 5 years ago and to me, seemed so improbable for the United States to ever have to go through what Greece is still trying to get through.

Of course, I know that what happens to one country can certainly have affects on another country, but never in my life had I imagined that our democracy would be in jeopardy.

I have always thought to myself that our democracy really is what makes us "America" so how could it ever get as bad as it has for Greece?

Yet, as I watch in absolute amazement, I can see democracy in America unraveling before my very eyes. I'm referring, of course, to the Nevada State Democratic Convention and also the complete disregard for equal representation at the Democratic National Convention with regards to rules and committees appointments.
READ: Salon- Sanders campaign blasts DNC Chair

Let's start with the Nevada State Democratic Convention where rules and procedures were just thrown out the window and the Committee Chair Woman literally ran away for her life. Does Bernie Sanders really scare her more than Donald Trump? I've never seen so much fear in my life and I can't understand why she didn't just step aside and let someone else run that convention?

Why doesn't the other Nevada State Delegates have the power to hold her accountable for ending the convention without following through with a proper vote? Who makes the rules for how that convention is ran and what happens there? Who holds the news media accountable for spreading false news about Bernie supporters using violence when they didn't?

It sounds so overwhelming to an every day citizen, but it's in these tiny rules and bylaws that we'll find the beginnings of the end for democracy as we know it.

With many more conventions held between now and July when the National Convention will be, all of these little convention issues add up to be one big problem and that is the people's vote and party platform choices are not being represented proportionately. The minority vote is taking control no matter what and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the beginning of the end for democracy if we let this happen in every state.

As a Missouri State Delegate heading into the Missouri State Convention next month, I can tell you that all of the Bernie delegates are now scrambling to make sure we have supplies to stay the course in case we have to do a sit-in. We are studying Roberts Rules and Democratic Party By-Laws and we're getting informed on how the meeting can and will be ran.

Something has to be done and I think it needs to start with the Media and a massive educational campaign that reaches out to every voter because if we don't do something now, our votes really won't mean anything anymore.

But Angie, this sounds so drastic, how can you think that America could become like Greece?

Obviously, you don't get what's happening or you haven't read what happened in Nevada. I beg you, please read about it here- https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/05/15/heres-what-happened-at-saturdays-dramatic-nevada-democratic-convention/

Let's also look at what Debbie Wasserman Schultz is doing to the Democratic National Convention.


The convention lasts for several days and is organized into different committees. These committees meet to discuss the RULES for the convention (HOW WE GET TO VOTE) and the party's platform positions (which is what the party stands for and what they are willing to fight for).

I've served on committees and even chaired a few and I know that the REAL decisions are made there and then those decisions are presented and voted on by the rest of the party.

Bernie Sanders has won a certain percentage of the national popular vote (my vote included) and therefor should have some say in who gets selected to serve on the committees and as chairs of those committees.

He gave 45 names to Debbie Wasserman Schultz who, as the DNC Chair, is the person who has the final say on who gets to be on these committees. She put only 3 of them on the committees and has also gone out of her way to put people on those committees that have been outspoken against him and his policy ideas.

This means (for the rest of us Americans) that our vote literally meant absolutely nothing to the woman who oversees the entire direction that the party will go in the coming years. One person, essentially controlling the entire party. Sound familiar?

As a Delegate, here are some ideas for what to do about this at the Convention:

1. Make sure that you are officially registered as a Democrat before heading to the National Convention. Your credentials will be challenged and you will be turned away if you switch your party before then. It is imperative that you remain a Democrat through this entire process if we want to give Bernie his best chance.

2. When you go to your State Convention, be sure to have as many Bernie supporters voted into committees as possible to help give him a voice when deciding the State Party's platform for heading into the National Convention.

3. Stay in touch with your committee representative and/or the people that voted for you to go and be aware of what is happening in the meetings. Be sure to post about this on all the social networks you use. Real-time pressure can be applied to anyone serving on committees that are also political leaders (voted in by the public).

4. Be prepared to stay awhile. At the Nevada convention, Bernie supporters refused to leave until they had the re-count they asked for and deserved. The hotel where the convention was being held ended up blocking the bathrooms, turning off the lights and called in the sheriff's deputies to have them removed. Bernie needs us to stay as long as we aren't going to get physically hurt.

But Angie, I'm not going to the conventions, what can I do?

Find out who your State's Delegates are and let them know you want to stay informed on what's happening inside the convention and make sure you pay attention to which political leaders are involved from your district.

Holding your state's leaders accountable for their actions will make the difference between Greece and America. We have one shot at this. Even if we can't get Bernie into office this year, we can still work to dismantle the policies that got us here in the first place so that when we try this again, the deck won't be stacked against us.

It's essential that you stay involved with the movement and DO NOT RELY ON MEDIA to educate you to what is happening.

I will be live-streaming video from the Missouri State Convention and as much as possible from the National State Convention depending on whether I get elected to go as a Delegate or not... so be sure to follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AngieLileDelegate/

Or follow me on Twitter- https://twitter.com/AngieLile

Friday, April 29, 2016

Stop telling Bernie Sanders' supporters that he isn’t going to win the nomination.

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe if enough people say it out loud, it will make it true. Maybe if you’re the first one to mention it, the rest of the world can finally say it. Maybe I’m just a sore loser who doesn’t know when to quit.

Well guess what? I’m about to give you 5 YUUUGGE reasons why it’s just WRONG to tell Bernie Sanders supporters to give up on him winning the nomination.

1.  This election isn’t about Bernie Sanders winning the nomination.

Wow. Did you see that? I may have just blown your mind, but thankfully you can go back and read it again.

This election is not about Bernie winning the nomination, it’s about creating a Political Revolution in which every aspect of our political process is infused with his vision.

Telling a Bernie supporter that he’s not going to win the election is like telling us that America would never change and that all of our pushing was only going to be ignored until we go back to sleep.

 When the truth is that it’s far too late to put this genie back in the bottle. You can’t squeeze toothpaste back into the tube.

The Political Revolution is out there, and it’s not going anywhere until we use it to change the way we run this Country and anyone who tries to tell us differently will only be labeled as part of the problem.

2.  Bernie Sanders isn’t just a political candidate, he’s the totem for a New American Dream. 

A dream that has fueled an entirely new generation of voters. He’s not just a man, he is the walking depiction of everything his supporters have ever wanted in a leader.

Telling a Bernie supporter that “it’s over” is like telling your 3-year-old little girl that she should never have any dreams for herself, ever.  Can you really be that kind of parent? Don’t all parents teach their children that they can do, be or have anything they set their mind to?

And if you are the kind of parent that doesn’t “sugar coat” it for their child and never encourages them to try hard to achieve their goals or to even have goals, do you think your child will be a better person for it?

Do you think Martin Luther King Jr’s parents ever told him not to pursue his dreams?

What about Neil Armstrong?

Barrack Obama?

When you tell a Bernie supporter to give up on their dreams for a better America, is it because you don’t want the America they are dreaming for? Or is it because you lost all hope and you can’t stand to see someone else with hope? Are you really a dream killer?

I will never give up on my dream for a better America because I know my children are looking to me to be an example for how to achieve their own goals. I want them to be able to pursue their dreams with the confidence that it’s not a wasted effort.

And guess what? There are millions of Bernie Sanders supporters out there who feel the exact same way. We won’t be giving up any time soon.

3.  Bernie Sanders’ campaign does not have an end date.  

That’s because it’s a movement by millions to pursue a common goal for a better America and there are still a lot more opportunities to build on that in the coming months.

What if I told you that this was all some public awareness campaign?  Many of Bernie’s supporters have learned that the mainstream media has been lying and manipulating the public for years.  During Bernie’s campaign, the mainstream media has been called out on numerous occasions for their blatant coverage of Hillary and Donald Trump over anything else.

The mainstream media focuses the mainstream audience on Trump this and Trump that so that they can distract you from the truth of Bernie’s message.  But even though the mainstream media has a powerful hold on the mainstream audiences, Bernie’s movement is strong and we are taking this on as a public awareness campaign.

This means we are in it for the duration, there is no end date, even after the convention, we will still be here and we will still be pushing these issues into the spotlight in any way that we can and if you are asking Bernie supporters to give up and stop sharing his Facebook posts, then you must be part of the mainstream audience and need to see his content even more.

4.  Bernie Sanders supporters obviously don’t care about mathematics.  

I’m sure there are plenty of Berners who are great at math, but when it comes to Delegate math, we just don’t care.

For one thing, if you see the top 3 reasons above, you’ll see why we don’t care. It’s not all about Delegates to us, it’s about getting his platform to as many people as possible to send a clear message to all Delegates that this issue is not just going to go away.

That being said, mainstream media is also pushing the math narrative in the hopes that it makes them look smart, which then gets regurgitated by people on Facebook who also want to feel smart or to make Hillary look like the winner that she is not.

Telling a Bernie supporter to look at the math and then give up will probably cause them to look at you as though you accused them of being a pink fluffy unicorn sliding down a rainbow.  Then, once they have recovered from your atrocious allegation, they will politely (hopefully) point you to the History books and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brokered convention and remind you that Hillary does not have (nor will she have) enough delegates to claim the nomination either.

Many Bernie supporters like myself have pledged to go to the Convention and vote for Bernie but we also know that there are going to be opportunities for each of us to speak to unpledged Delegates and even Super Delegates. So the work is not going to be done until we get to the National Convention and even beyond since many of us are also inspired to get involved in local political races.

5.  Don’t believe me, believe them!

PS- this is where I bury you in news articles that all agree that we still have a shot at this nomination:

Friday, March 11, 2016

Top 7 Reasons why Bernie Sanders has already won the Democratic Presidential Primary

My last blog post, Top 10 Reasons why a vote for Hillary isthe WORST thing a Feminist could do, reached almost 1000 people so far and I received a great amount of positive feedback from that, so even though it probably made you very mad after you read it, I hope this post will do the exact opposite.

Unless you are voting for Hillary. In that case, you would need to go back and read my blog post immediately.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, I firmly believe that Bernie Sanders will be our Democratic Presidential candidate and furthermore, his campaign will have a ripple effect across America which will change the way we “do” politics.

So, on with the meat of this argument, the 7 reasons why I know Bernie has won:

1.  History is on our side.  

This new political revolution is a movement which is born of a problem that affects millions of people. History shows that when a movement is created from these circumstances, change is inevitable.

The Civil Rights Movement, LGBTQ Equality Movements, Human Rights Movements, Animal Rights Movements, they all show that when people stand together with clear leadership and direction, change can be accomplished. This is the very core of Bernie’s message and the biggest reason for how I know he’ll win.

He stands with us, and we stand with him and together we make it happen.

The young people who are all coming on board and the many disenfranchised 40-something crowds are willing to keep doing the work, but it takes a solid leader to show us what’s possible. 

Mahatma Gandhi did this, Martin Luther King Jr. did this, even Matthew Shepherd did this (although he had to die to make it happen). 

People see Bernie’s years of experience and call-a-thing-a-thing mentality and want him to lead this next great revolution.

2.  The People are on our side.   

This is probably one of the most interesting democratic primary races in my lifetime. Even with all of our technological advancements, suddenly polls don’t carry the weight they used to.  

We’re seeing more and more political bias in the major news networks. Even National Public Radio, the number one non-biased reporting agency in America, has been biased towards Hillary Clinton, making it hard for the average viewer to be interested enough in Bernie Sanders to do more research. 

The problem with this race is that a majority of his supporters are younger and don’t pay much attention to major news media.

They aren’t fooled like the old folks who started out their television-watching careers with good honest media corporations and have since been sold out. 

A vast majority of Berners are young and wouldn’t take a poll over the phone unless you paid them and even then you’d be lucky to get them to sit still long enough to chat with you. They will hardly pick up the phone for Mom or Dad, let alone a pollster.

I’m not suggesting this is a bad thing, but obviously pollsters need a better method if they want better predictions. But let’s think about why they predict in the first place.

When I was studying political science in school, one of the things I did to support myself was to do phone surveys. I am aware that certain phone surveys can open the door to skewing a participant to think about things they hadn’t thought of before.

This is especially true with political polling.  The more polls they take, the more chance they have to skew people to one side over the other, especially if they are sitting on the fence. 

Since the younger generation is listening to their peers, and their relying on what they see actually going on in the world, they turn to less main-stream media for information and not taking polls, there is less chance for establishment political candidates to scam the system.

This is why you see many of the news media not prepared to show you the YUGE amounts of people turning out at all of Bernie’s events and the smaller and smaller audiences that are attending Hillary’s.

This is also why you might have been surprised that Bernie got a standing ovation after the last Democratic debate, while Hillary stood looking on nervously.

The historical vote in Michigan was significant because it finally showed the establishment that they were no longer in control and could no longer predict Hillary to be the obvious winner of anything.

It’s also another reason why I’m sure we’re much more ahead in this race than we’ve been led to believe.

3.  Fundraising is on our side.

Along with the hordes of people jumping on the Bernie-train is their $27 donation. No other candidate in history has raised as much money from as many individual donations as Bernie has. 

We saw something like this with Obama, but Bernie has blown past Obama’s record in lightning speed and there’s still a lot of time left in this race.  Not only has Bernie broken historic records, he’s also broken Hillary’s record, raising $42.7 million, while the one-percenters and finance industry donors behind the Clinton campaign coughed up $30 million. 

Bernie has taken over 5 million individual donations, with Hillary Clinton’s campaign only taking “hundreds of thousands” of individual donations, most of which were the maximum amount that they were allowed to donate. This means they are pretty much tapped out and while Bernie has lots of new donors lining up to give him money, Hillary’s donor list is getting exhausted.


4. Social Media is on our side. 

 Okay, since I’ve managed social media for clients since 2007, I know a thing or two about the importance of your social media presence and I would be remiss if I didn’t include this as one of the big reasons why I know he’s going to win. 

According to this article in AdWeek, Bernie Sanders overall “chatter” level was steadily increasing while Hillary’s was barely registering. Given the surprise at the polls, perhaps the pollsters should be using this data to determine who will win?

It also mentions the fact that many Gen-X and Baby Boomers are using Facebook, while the younger generation is using Instagram and Sanders seems to dominate both platforms.

Look at these screenshots which show how many fans each Facebook Page has:

Not only that, but look at the YUGE difference in how many events are showing as well as the total number of people subscribing to events.

I thought it was weird that Bernie had so many more rally’s scheduled than Hillary so I went to her website and the only events really registering were small gatherings inside people’s homes.

All of these social signs indicate that people are excited and enthusiastic about sharing Bernie Sanders, but not so much about Hillary and since voter turnout has reflected this social chatter, I think it’s a great argument.

5.  Bernie’s record is on our side. 

With every debate that comes up, Hillary seems to be more and more excited about bringing up Bernie’s record as though it would actually benefit her position.

However, as it turns out, lots of people are calling her out on her half-truths and overall blatantly misleading comments regarding his record.

You know she’s in trouble when the mainstream media can no longer spin things in her favor. Now all anyone can talk about is how she is misleading people with her version of the facts.

During the Democratic Debate on Univision, Hillary tried to say that Bernie Sanders voted against helping the auto industry and if he had gotten his way, we would have lost thousands of jobs.

Excuse me?

Anyone who has access to a computer can find out the truth for themselves. He voted against the Wall street bailout which had a provision in it for the auto industry, but later voted for the auto bailout when it was a stand-alone vote.

All of this leads right into my next point because Bernie’s record is the very definition of Integrity.

6.  Integrity is on our side.

During the Democratic Debate‬ on Univision, I could not believe that Hillary Clinton had the gall to say, “if the values are that you oppress people, you disappear people, imprison people or even kill people for expressing their opinions, for expressing freedom of speech, that is not the kind of revolution of values that I ever want to see anywhere.”

If ever there was a perfect example of projection, this is it. She is accusing Bernie Sanders of the very thing she has done herself.

"Hillary Clinton for years has been one of the world’s most stalwart friends of some of the world’s worst despots and war criminals, making her and her campaign a very odd vessel for demonizing others for their links to and admiration of human-rights abusers."

 Don't believe me? This article's sources speaks for itself.


During the same debate, she defended her support for bad trade deals by touting the creation of the Export-Import bank. She must be counting on the idea that we don't know just how disastrous THAT deal was.

 Many are speculating that she only attacked him this way on the debate stage because she was “running scared” or “nervous” and rightfully so.


It’s gotten so bad that her campaign is continuously getting caught breaking election laws and cheating the DNC debate rules. 



7. Time is on our side.

Thankfully, Bernie Sanders is in this race for the long haul, even though he clearly knows that the establishment and mainstream media was stacked against him.  I immediately noticed a small rift in my newsfeed between Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters and I knew the reason they supported Hillary is because of the distorted truths fed to them by our own Democratic party. 

However, over time, I’ve heard from many who have had the chance to actually learn about what Bernie’s campaign is all about, they’re switching sides!

Now that we have momentum there will be no stopping this wildfire of enthusiasm for a better democracy and don’t forget, we have fuel; thanks to the millions of campaign dollars, we now have what it takes to actually make the long haul all the way to the convention and the longer Bernie has the podium, the more likely he has to tell more people the truth.

Hillary, on the other hand, has a dwindling funding pool and combine that with her own mis-truths and poor record, it’s just not holding up under the scrutiny of an ever growing pool of informed voters.

Add to this mix all of the disastrous ways that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is making headlines these days, it’s clear they have a lot more fires to put out than Bernie’s campaign.

I know that given enough time, more and more people are going to see Hillary’s campaign for what it really is, which is more oligarchy and less democracy and it just won’t stand this test of time.

The race has already been won, but even that won’t stop Bernie from stopping in every state to rally the people, to get out the vote and to continue building the momentum because this is a movement, a true political revolution, and it’s here to stay. 

Bernie knows he can’t do it alone; he stands with us and we will stand with him until the whole job is done, not just for this primary. No other political race has brought about the changes we’re already seeing.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why Voting for Hillary is the WORST thing you can do as a Feminist.

It’s March 6th and the political season is gaining momentum as we move towards November’s election and the whole selection process has become a media circus with "Drumpf" as the ring leader.

I read an article or two from various Facebook friends who are voting for Hillary and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Many of my lady-friends want to vote for Hillary and I’m so ashamed to say that they are really giving women a bad name… not because they are voting for Hillary, but WHY they are voting for her.

I am a woman, and I have experienced my fair share of sexism in a world that seems pretty fair on the surface. I too have been passed over for raises and promotions and have wondered, “if I had a penis, would that have happened?”

But I have also been passed over and been completely betrayed by bosses who are women and in those cases, the feelings of hurt and injustice were profound. Why is this? Why do we, as women, feel all the more betrayed when it’s a woman doing the betraying to us?

For centuries, women have been raised to believe that we should “stick together” because men are not on our side. It’s a story that has been passed down from generation to generation and only began to fade with the dawn of civil rights for women.

However, since the dawn of civil rights for women, we have tried to teach our girls not to believe that we are “less than” men in our pursuit of life-long goals and the term “feminism” has been tossed around quite a bit.

fem·i·nism (noun) - the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Get that? “EQUALITY” to men, not “SUPERIORITY” to men.

I’m a mother, raising two daughters, and my spiritual beliefs allow me to teach them that we are all connected to each other and therefor equal to each other in God’s eyes (or whatever you choose to call that Universal spirit).

As they grow and experience unfairness in their lives, we have worked to reconcile that by understanding that not everyone is being taught that we are all equal and therefore will seek to express their superiority or lack thereof to us in various ways. I believe that those people have forgotten who they are (human beings) and for a brief moment they have also forgotten who we are (also human beings) and since we are the ones who know better, it is our job to be better than that.

My kids understand that the feminism movement has a significant place in our society, alongside the civil rights movement, the animal rights movement, the environmental rights movement, etc. They are all equally important to help us remember our connection to each other.

It is with this same belief that I turn to the Presidential race, the first one to take place where my children can see, hear and taste the energy and understand that something really big is taking place in our Country.

There are ongoing discussions between the kids in their school, all of which are a giant reflection of the conversations happening in their homes with their siblings and parents.

We live in the city, so our voters are primarily democratic and so are the kids in school. There’s a huge consensus that Donald Drumpf is a loser, but there’s no clear choice when it comes to Bernie and Hillary.

Many of the girls are leaning toward Hillary because she is a woman, and this brought up a great question in our house. Should people vote for her because she is a woman?

I did bring up Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina and mentioned that they are women, but no one really voted for them; so what makes Hillary different? Their 11-year-old answer? Because she is married to Bill Clinton!

I also mentioned to them that she has held political office in the form of being a Senator and also as Secretary of State which means she has met and created relationships with foreign leaders.

Okay, so there you have it. Not only is Hillary a woman, but she is highly qualified because she has relationships with foreign leaders. Are those really good enough reasons to hand the keys to our kids’ futures over to her? 

The POTUS is a huge responsibility. Don’t we owe it to our future generations to really take a look at what they can or cannot do for our children? 

Is it really worth it to just ignore all of the other candidates just because I want my girls to grow up in a world where women can be President? What happens when I already believe that they live in a world where women can be President?

The truth is, because I am a woman who is raising two daughters, it is imperative that my actions are in complete alignment with my spiritual beliefs. This is the same belief that we are all connected to each other and equal. This belief which is actually the ignition for all of the social movements in the world from Feminism to Civil Liberties.

In light of this, I have no choice but to believe that a vote for Hillary is the worst thing a so-called Feminist could ever do and here’s why:

1.  Let’s talk about all the ways that Hillary has supported the feminist movement over the years. The truth is, Sanders' platform and record are far more pro-feminism.

His 30+ years of commitment in public office, from an unwavering commitment to reproductive rights, to the $15 minimum wage, to single-payer healthcare, or a dozen other issues -- it's clear ordinary women stand to gain greatly from what Bernie Sanders has to offer.

Hillary's own political history reveals no such actions. She helped champion Bill Clinton's gutting of welfare funding in the 1990s, which plunged hundreds of thousands of women (particularly black women), into a deadly spiral of intergenerational poverty.

During the debate on Sept. 28, 2015, Clinton made overtures to anti-choice Republicans, saying, "if there's a way to structure some kind of constitutional restriction [on abortion] that takes into account the life of the mother and her health, then I'm open to that."

2. Hillary's actions regarding war which has cost thousands of human lives shows poor judgement. Iraq was a giant mistake that cost (and still costs) thousands of lives. Her vote puts her in the same boat with all the others who need to be held responsible for their actions. This shows how easy it is to manipulate her vote to be the more popular choice.

Another example of bad leadership/judgement- Removing Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi so ISIS can move in. You can thank her specifically (her position as Secretary of State) for the death and destruction that has been caused by ISIS since her decisions were carried out there. This shows how easy it is for her to issue kill orders which horrifies me as a woman and a mother. 

Evidence of her mentoring with Henry Kissinger is abundantly clear when you take into consideration her role in the 2009 military coup that ousted the country’s democratically elected president Manuel Zalaya. Again, leaving a giant hole with no support so that gangs and corrupt police can kill innocent people.

How can a woman make so many of these bad decisions and not be called out by other women?

If we truly stood together as women, wouldn’t that also include all of the women in Honduras that have been raped since that coup?

“The homicide rate in Honduras, already the highest in the world, increased by 50 percent from 2008 to 2011; political repression, the murder of opposition political candidates, peasant organizers and LGBT activists increased and continue to this day. Femicides skyrocketed. The violence and insecurity were exacerbated by a generalized institutional collapse. Drug-related violence has worsened amid allegations of rampant corruption in Honduras’ police and government. While the gangs are responsible for much of the violence, Honduran security forces have engaged in a wave of killings and other human rights crimes with impunity.”


She has also made her intentions clear regarding Syria and would follow the same broken patterns that have kept our people at war year after year. It could be my daughter that is killed in the next war that Hillary starts. How can we support such a thing as women?

3.  Let’s talk about corporate and financial policy- Hillary has served on the board of directors for Walmart during a time when labor unions were trying to form and never once stood up for female workers, let alone ANY workers. http://www.progressivepress.net/hillary-clinton-was-a-wal-mart-director-for-6-years/

She also took thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs for secret speeches and then says she is going to make sure they don’t get government bailouts again. Why is she so willing to let the entire public read her emails but not her $625,000 speech to Goldman Sachs? http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/clinton-speeches-218969

She voted for the Bankruptcy law after fighting alongside Elizabeth Warren to make sure it “never happened”, basically throwing all of her work away at the expense of the American people, many of which are the very same women voting for her this year.


Hillary betrayed Elizabeth even though she is a woman so why should we stand by Hillary for that reason?

4. GMO’s and our RIGHT to KNOW- many of the women voting for Hillary are also sharing anti-GMO content and information. They must be completely oblivious to her ties to Monsanto or her voting record or the fact that in 2014 Clinton was the paid keynote speaker for the world’s largest GMO trade association, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)[9].

Her support for GMOs was evident throughout, and she even schooled the companies on doing better public relations. She famously expressed her distaste for the words “genetically modified” saying, “’Genetically modified’ sounds Frankenstein-ish. ‘Drought-resistant’ sounds like something you’d want.”

She advised her GMO industry audience to “be more careful so you don’t raise that red flag immediately.”

5.  The Environment is big issue for a lot of young people. After all, we are merely borrowing this planet form our children and their children’s children. We have a responsibility to leave it better then when we inherited it and I’ve seen no better activist for the planet than Bernie Sanders.

But this is about the Feminist movement and what has Hillary done for Mother Earth? She has shown consistent disregard, through her political office I might add, for the environment through her actions.

She voted for Keystone until just recently (another flop due to her desire to get elected), she’s also voted for off-shore drilling in 2006 and 4 years later we had a catastrophic oil contamination in the Gulf of Mexico.

The League of Conservation Voters rates her voting history on Environmental issues at an 82%, mostly because she just flat out didn’t take a stand at all. Compare her score card to Bernie’s and there is no denying who the bigger champion for our planet really is.

http://scorecard.lcv.org/moc/hillary-rodham-clinton vs. http://scorecard.lcv.org/moc/bernie-sanders

Oh, and remember Flint, Michigan? Hillary has been bringing it up in all of her speeches and making a big deal about how terrible it was that all the children were poisoned. She must have forgot about joining 14 Republicans and 11 Democrats in voting against the measure to phase out MTBE in 2005. 

6.  Foreign Trade- for most of the population, foreign trade policy makes them yawn, but these policies are at the very heart of what allows corporations to ship many of our jobs overseas, thus contributing the further degradation of the middle class.

The most recent trade policy, the TPP, is so disastrous that it opens the doors to allowing companies to get away with violating environmental restrictions, worker’s rights and even stripping unions of their ability to protect their members. It would allow us to do business with countries that stoned LGBTs to death, etc

In 2012 Hillary said, "This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field." She immediately reversed her position once she realized what kind of backlash she was getting towards her campaign.

Here is the sad truth. The North American Free Trade Agreement, which was supported by Clinton, cost our nation 850,000 good paying jobs. It cost Michigan 43,000 jobs, Ohio 35,000 and Illinois another 35,000.

Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, also supported by Secretary Clinton, cost our country 3.2 million jobs, including 80,000 in Michigan, 106,000 in Ohio and 132,000 in Illinois. The agreement exploded our trade deficit with China to a record-breaking $365 billion last year and made it increasingly difficult to find a product that is not made in China.


7.  Let’s talk about the LGBT movement. Hillary says that she stands for Gay Rights and the Human Rights Campaign endorsed her, completely ignoring the fact that up until 2013, Hillary was a proud opponent of Gay Marriage.

They must have completely forgot all about how she didn’t even hesitate when asked if it should be legal (by Chris Matthews) and said resoundingly, “No” in 2004 - 

She also made a speech in the Senate, stating clearly that she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Why is it that most Hillary supporters believe what she says up on the stage when she’s asking for our vote, but not what she has said time and again when she is actually in office?

Oh sure, we are all entitled to “change our mind”, but should we also reward her by voting for her to run our Country? What about all of the LGBT supporters here and in other countries that were persecuting and killed during the years she just stood by and supported it?

So, she does a video in 2013 declaring her support with no explanation at all about why she changed her mind, or even an apology for not doing it sooner and the LGBT community heaves a sigh of relief that they have convinced yet another person that their cause is just.

Okay, my parental alarms are going off and there is no way I can believe that she would fight for LGBT equality more than Bernie Sanders who has ACTUALLY been doing it for 30 years and quite vocally I might add.  https://berniesanders.com/issues/fighting-for-lgbt-equality/

8.  Not far behind the LGBT movement is the Civil Rights Movement- while Bernie was getting arrested for demonstrating against segregation, Hillary (born and raised republican) was campaigning for Barry Goldwater who was a strong advocate for segregation and discrimination.

Years later, in 1996, she was interviewed and said, “I’m proud to have been a Goldwater girl” and goes on to explain how deeply her politic are rooted in traditional Republican conservativism that she was raised with. 

Why is this significant? Because it was only recently that she started saying that she didn’t agree with Barry Goldwater’s positions, even though her actions showed otherwise.

Suddenly she claims to stand with the black population, when everything about her over the past few years screams the opposite. I can understand our willingness to forgive her blind judgement but to actually reward it with political endorsements? That seems ludicrous!

9.  Universal Health Care- one of the more confusing components of government policy to the average American is single-payer healthcare. Many thousands of people have gotten healthcare under Obama’s administration as a result of the healthcare reform policies he has passed who otherwise wouldn’t have had it. And with all the Obama-praising Hillary does while on the campaign trail, it’s hard to imagine why she has chosen the exact opposite position in order to criticize Bernie’s robust amendments to this plan.

You see, Bernie wants to take the Single-Payer healthcare to the next level and insure that all Americans will have it. Yet look what happens when American's began to say that this was a great idea:
In January of 2016, when new polls revealed Sanders to be in a dead heat with Clinton in early primary states, Clinton took to the offensive. She began a campaign to attack single-payer, painting it as something that would burden middle-class families, empower right-wing governors and put Americans' health insurance at risk by dismantling every major health-care institution in the country. 
Clinton's claims are either patently false or incredibly misleading. By presenting them to a national television audience during interviews and the debates, she may be doing more damage to the single-payer movement than the pharmaceutical and insurance companies could ever hope to achieve. She is making these claims largely to Democratic primary voters, who support Medicare for All at a rate of 81 percent, but could be misled by a politician whom many of them trust and admire.
"It is conceivable that the continued negative critiques - especially of the fearmongering variety - could have a deleterious impact on popular opinion," Dr. Adam Gaffney, a physician and health-care writer, told Truthout.
Why would Hillary dismantle Obama’s legacy with falsehoods and lies? Well it might have something to do with the fact that she has received more money from the pharmaceutical industry than any other candidate from either party in the 2016 election cycle, or that the health industry paid her $2.8 million in speaking fees between 2013 and 2015.

10.  Scandal-icious – This is a big one for me, because as a Mother, I’m going to have to explain my decisions to two young women some day and I want them to be proud that I voted the way I did. 

Like Bernie Sanders, even though my vote might not matter, at least I voted my conscious. I voted my TRUE MORAL values and I didn’t compromise them at the expense of one group over another.

There are two candidates for president that are under some kind of Federal investigation. Hillary Clinton and Donald Drumpf. If these two end up being the actual presidential nominees, what happens when they are called in for questioning, detained or even arrested? I am truly surprised that there isn’t some sort of law on the books that says you can’t run if you are being investigated.

That being said, Clinton has also made some pretty bad decisions that have caused numerous investigations, like the whole Benghazi situation. 

If you are a good, moral person, as a general rule, I don’t think there is any reason that you would draw such scandals to yourself. How is it that Hillary has had so many of these crop up in such a short period of time?

I can hear the feminists standing up and screaming, “it’s because she’s a woman and people want to pick on her!” but that argument doesn’t stand because Donald Drumpf has also had the same problem.

Meanwhile, there are other equally qualified candidates, like Bernie Sanders, that haven’t had one criminal investigation of any kind, unless you count the time he was arrested for protesting segregation in Chicago.

In conclusion, here is what I believe: If you grow up acting and voting a certain way, and only just recently evolved your position (which happened to coincide with an election year), there is nothing to guarantee to the American people that you wouldn’t de-evolve or change your position again (also with no explanation). She did this to Elizabeth Warren in a very public way and you would be na├»ve’ to think she wouldn’t do it again to all of her supporters.

The stakes are too high to take that risk. Thousands of people have died or have had their lives made worse by her “decisions” as Secretary of State so I can’t even fathom what she would do as President. We can’t possibly know whether Hillary is speaking the truth, but we can certainly hold her accountable for all of her choices leading up to now.

When my kids break the rules at our house, we get a very sincere apology from them. But after a while, the apology becomes a shield, protecting them from overall judgement and being held accountable. So, as parents, we know that without the consequences, the lesson truly won’t be learned and the offense is most likely to be repeated.

In the real world, it isn’t supposed to work that way. If you get caught breaking the law, you can’t say, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’ll try to do better,” and then receive a get-out-of-jail-free card. There is usually a punishment, a consequence, an ACTION to show that we understand what our actions resulted in.

So, as a parent, and a feminist, I can say that Hillary should NOT get our vote because she said she was sorry, because she said she has changed her beliefs after years of actions to show what those beliefs really were.

For one thing, this would show favoritism, superiority for Hillary because she is a woman, which goes against the very definition of Feminism. She is not superior, but equal, and should be treated as an equal by holding her accountable for her actions.

A vote for Hillary, for me, is an affirmation of her actions, which does include killing people by the way; which does include racism by the way; which does include elite-ism by the way; and I simply cannot do that.

I suspect that the thousands of young people who support Bernie Sanders feels the same way. That lesson, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” still resonate with their young minds and they are still young enough to believe in a post-discriminatory world where people can be held accountable for their actions.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, but the Mind is Mightier than the Pen.

Sometimes, Moms have to sit down and write a blog just as a way of pinching themselves to see if they are really awake. I mean, sometimes I find myself thinking that I really can't believe my life and the things that happen “to” me. We all absorb a lot of drama dealing with even the everyday mundane things, but how many of us can take the drama and say it happens “for” them instead of “to” them?

For example, I recently took the girls to Target. We were shopping for school supplies and using one of those two-seater carts that the girls were getting way too big for. I kept mentioning this fact as we went through the store along with the usual litany of items such as keep your hands in the cart, don't stand up, sit down, stop talking so mean, please keep your hands to yourself, you don't really need to tie yourself in, etc etc. Oh, is this boring you? Seem pretty routine? Well then how about the drama of me not being able to locate my pen? Yes, I was very determined to find my pen, searching and searching for it while the kids were busying themselves looking at things on the shelves. I could picture it so vividly in my mind, the clear Bic pen with black lettering. Only it wasn't in my purse. After giving up on the pen, the real drama presented itself.

Sophie was reaching out of the cart while standing up and to place something back on a rack that she had previously lifted. As she leaned out, she missed her placement for her hand and swung around to collide with the side of the cart against her rib cage. I could tell that it hit her in such a way that it would most likely bruise, and her face grew bright red as she looked like she was about to wail. Instead, something else happened. She seized up tight and apparently couldn't get any air. She was also not responding to me asking her if she was okay. I continued to escalate my voice as I grew more and more alarmed and her face began to turn a little blue. I decided that perhaps she had choked on something so I tried to turn her around. She was completely limp in my arms and I as I began to run through my mental checklist of what to do, she began to stand on her own and breathe a little.

Well I guess that is when our Target trip really turned into an adventure. As I sat there trying not to faint out into the isle I noticed a small crowd had gathered and people were talking to me trying to see if we were all okay. Target employees came around and asked if we wanted water. I had water and offered it to Sophie who was now looking like she had downed a bunch of cold medicine. Her eyes were glazed, she had no blood in her face and she acted like she was ready to go to sleep. As she sat there swooning in her seat I decided to hit the road.

I called my doctor on the way to the van and they confirmed that a trip to the E.R. was in order. We all took turns in the car saying prayers for Sophie to feel better, for me to get us to the Hospital okay, and for everything to work out fine. Hours later we determined that she had simply knocked the breath out of her lungs which can be quite a shock to someone. They x-rayed her chest and said she would be bruised but just fine.

The woman giving the x-ray remarked on the girls being twins. “I'm a twin!” she exclaimed and suddenly I had a recollection of meeting this woman before. She had been in the hallway outside of an elevator I was on while in the same hospital some 5 ½ years prior, while visiting my twins in the N.I.C.U. I recounted that visit with her and while she didn't remember it, she did not deny that it could have happened. “We both work here and quite frequently are on that floor,” she told me. I suddenly had a strong urge to hug her and felt that everything was going to be just fine.

Mike had come down to the E.R. to help us get back to the car and back home. Sophie began coming around and was really acting a little strange so we talked about what happened so that she knew nothing was her fault and that everything was ultimately okay.

Maggie was the true teacher in the situation. She kept saying that she couldn't believe how many people came to see if Sophie was okay. She kept saying, “just think about how many people at Target love you Sophie!”

It is so very true. We are connected to each other in such deep and meaningful ways that we are not aware of it until we are faced with circumstances beyond our control. There were a lot of people standing around us, wanting to help, each hearing my concerned cries to my daughter and wanting to DO something. That desire, the one to DO something, exists inside each and every one of us even though we teach ourselves to shut it off sometimes. This desire should really be explored within each and every one of us. How much satisfaction would we all receive in our life if we were always DOING something that mattered? What if we were to tap into that innate concern we have for each other and use it when we need it most? At a time when we are tempted to judge or claim that we are owed more than someone else? In my humble opinion, I think that our natural state is the state that those people found themselves in today while feeling that concern for me and our situation. Our natural state is that of caring for our fellow human beings, not for conquering them. Our natural state is that of loving our fellow humans, not of hating them.

Oh, and one last thing, just to tie it all together in one neat little package? As I was checking Sophie into the Emergency room, I was handed a folder that contained brochures on the hospital, privacy policy and … you guessed it... a message from the Universe that my prayers are always answered, in the form of a clear Bic pen with black lettering. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?